Doing Business - Why Port Hope?


The Municipality of Port Hope welcomes your business!

As one of Canada’s longest established community the Municipality of Port Hope understands the value and contribution of business and business leaders to the growth and sustainability of our community.

Port Hope boasts the following attributes key to making a successful site selection:

  • Location: Port Hope is the gateway to the near east and is strategically positioned between Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal.  More than 3 million residents  live within 150 km of the Municipality and more than 50% of the North American industrial market is within a one day trucking distance. 
  • Transportation: The Municipality has three Highway 401 interchanges, Canada’s main transportation thoroughfare, as well as both Canadian National and Canadian Pacific rail freight access. Two important regional airports are within 45 minutes of downtown Port Hope and daily commuter rail services is provided by VIA Rail. 
  • Public Utilities: Telecommunications, Internet, water, gas and other vital services are readily available. 
  • Labour: Within the community there is a versatile, experienced and ready workforce further, there is access to a 500,000 potential employees within a commutable distance. 
  • Available serviced land: Service-accessible lands exists in close proximity to Highway 401 for both industrial and commercial development. 
  • Existing Facilities: Existing industrial facilities and commercial properties are available for sale or lease. 
  • Marketing and Tourism business services: Providing an array of resources and service to assist with business development and business relocation.

For more information contact:

Kevin Narraway
Marketing Manager, Municipality of Port Hope