MEDIA RELEASE: Alarmed for Life Campaign

print-logo April 01, 2019

Municipality of Port Hope Fire and Emergency Services Launches “Alarmed for Life” Door-to-Door Campaign

Initiative raises awareness of importance of working smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in the home

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Monday, April 1, 2019 - Port Hope, ON

Municipality of Port Hope Fire and Emergency Services personnel have launched an “Alarmed for Life” door-to-door campaign in an effort to raise awareness about the importance of smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) alarms in the home, and to assist residents with proper placement, installation and testing of their required alarms.

“It is a tremendous advantage to have trained fire service personnel visit your home to ensure proper fire safety resources are in place,” notes Fire Chief C. Ryan Edgar, Director of Fire and Emergency Services. “This is a voluntary program but we encourage all residents to participate; it is especially important for our senior residents or those with disabilities who may require assistance with the proper installation of smoke and CO alarms.”

Residential visits will continue throughout the spring and summer, as part of the “Alarmed for Life” free Provincial program aimed at educating homeowners on the proper location, installation and maintenance of home smoke alarms. Ontario law requires that working smoke alarms be located on every story of the home and outside all sleeping areas. CO alarms are required outside all sleeping areas where the home has a fuel burning appliance or an attached garage.

Home visits conducted during this initiative are strictly for information and educational purposes; no charges will be issued for non-compliance with Ontario’s smoke and CO alarm laws and if issues are identified, firefighters will assist with the proper installation of a compliant smoke and/or CO alarm.

The Office of the Fire Marshal reports that in 50% of preventable home fire situations there was no smoke alarm present. In 27% of fatal fires where smoke alarms were present, the smoke alarm did not operate. Smoke and CO alarms should be tested once a month and batteries replaced every year. Smoke alarms do not last forever and the unit must be replaced if they are more than 10 years old. CO alarms must be replaced within the time frame indicated by the manufacturer.

“We welcome any opportunity to educate the public and assist residents and business owners with fire safety,” continues Chief Edgar, who encourages questions from residents on smoke alarms, CO alarms, home escape plans or other fire-related concerns. Residents may also request a personalized fire safety check visit by contacting the Fire and Emergency Department at 905-753-2230, or by email at

The “Alarmed for Life” program is funded by Municipality of Port Hope with print materials provided through the Fire Marshal’s Fire Safety Council and its corporate sponsors. “Alarmed for Life” is a key element of the Port Hope Fire and Emergency Services fire safety education program and supports the corporate strategic principal of public and corporate safety.

For more information about the “Alarmed for Life” program and other fire safety initiatives, visit or contact the Fire Administration Office, 245 Ontario Street, Port Hope 905.753.2230.

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For more information, please contact:
Kate Ingram, Communications / Community Engagement Coordinator
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