Port Hope Marina Remains Closed Due to Exceptionally High Water Levels

print-logo July 07, 2017

For Immediate Release

Friday, July 7, 2017 - Port Hope, ON

Lake Ontario water levels remain historically high this month, causing the continued closure of the Port Hope Marina, as the boardwalk, dock and boat launch are submerged in the water and have been deemed unsafe for usage.

“We estimate that the water levels will need to recede by at least 30 centimeters before the boat launch is safe to use,” noted Jim McCormack, Director of Parks, Recreation and Culture at the Municipality of Port Hope. “When the water recedes, precautionary inspections of the Marina area will be required before we can consider our next steps.”

Given the predictions for water level declines and uncertainty of rainfall events, the Municipality advises that the closure will remain in effect for an extended period of time, and possibly indefinitely throughout this boating season. As a result, the Marina will not sell tickets for the annual Toronto Sun Great Ontario Salmon Derby and will not participate as a weigh station this year.

“Should we see the water levels decline significantly, and consideration is given to re-open the Marina, services provided would be limited,” cautioned Mr. McCormack. “We have not hired our summer students at the Marina and we will not have dedicated Marina staff to operate at full capacity.”

Mr. McCormack further explained that if the Marina does re-open, the boat launch will be the only service available, at no charge to the boater. Docking, however, will not be permitted.

Notice of the closure will be posted at the mouth of the Ganaraska River as well as in visible locations known to boaters to advise that no docking is permitted. Municipal staff will notify the Coast Guard in Cobourg of the closure.

Parking for beach users will continue to be available off of Mill Street, and barricades on the west side of the River will be repositioned to allow for more vehicular traffic and parking, as this is a popular fishing spot and it will remain accessible to residents and visitors.

Municipal staff will continue to keep the public informed of the Marina closure, as the status of the water levels evolve.

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For more information, please contact:

Kate Ingram
Communications / Community Engagement Coordinator
905-885-4544 x2248