print-logo February 16, 2017

Port Hope, ON – The Municipality of Port Hope is once again warning residents about misleading water tests being conducted by door-to-door salespeople of water filtration or treatment systems.

Mayor Bob Sanderson has urged residents to exercise caution if asked to grant access to their homes or share personal information with persons unknown to them, “The behaviour of some of these salespeople is quite worrying. We’re told that they try to impersonate Municipal Water employees in order to gain access to homes, implying they have been sent by the Municipality to test the water because of an identified problem.They are reportedly quite aggressive in their approach, and use misleading water tests to persuade residents to purchase their products in order to ‘make safe’ the water supplied to their home.”

Councillor Terry Hickey, Chair of Works and Engineering added, “We’d like to remind citizens that the municipal water supply exceeds provincial standards under the Safe Drinking Water Act, and we have consistently received a 100% rating over the past 9 years on inspections carried out by the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change. The water supplied by the Municipality is rigorously monitored and tested by our highly trained and diligent operators, using automated state-of-the-art monitoring equipment, backed up by regular field samples tested by staff in the laboratory, and verified by an accredited external laboratory.  “Except in cases of emergency, or where there has been a specific request from a resident, municipal staff will not attend your house. On the rare occasions that staff may need to access your home, the visit will be made during normal office hours, staff will present formal identification cards and invite residents to verify their credentials with a call to the Municipality.”

If you are approached by door-to-door salespeople and suspect fraud, please call Port Hope Police at 905-885-8123 ext. 3 or the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services at 1-800-889-9768.

To learn more about water regulations, quality management standards and testing, please visit the Drinking Water System page.