Property Tax Information


General Information

Municipal property tax notices are mailed twice a year and are due in four installments:

  • Interim Levy First Installment - Monday, February 26, 2018
  • Interim Levy Second Installment - Friday, April 27, 2018
  • Final Levy First Installment - Due Date not yet set
  • Final Levy Second Installment - Due Date not yet set

Taxes may be paid by cash, debit or cheque at the Town Hall Finance Department 56 Queen Street, at most banks in person or via online banking and through enrolling in the Municipality of Port Hope's pre-authorized payment plan. There is also a convenient drop box on the front door of the Town Hall for after-hours payment. 

If you are interested in the pre-authorized property tax payment plan, please complete the application found under Forms Central


  • Understanding Your Tax Bill Brochure
  • To calculate property tax, simply multiple the assessed value by the applicable tax rate.  For a tutorial on How Your Property Tax is Calculated - Please click here
  • A penalty of 1.25 percent shall be added on the first day of the month following a due date and thereafter interest of 1.25 percent per month will be added on the first day of each month and every month the default continues. 
  • Commercial property class includes all commercial office property, shopping centre property and parking lot property. 
  • Commercial vacant land class includes commercial excess land. 
  • Industrial property class includes all large industrial property. 
  • Industrial vacant land class includes industrial excess land. 
  • Farmland class includes managed forest.

Tax Rates

Assessment Cycle Updates

The Municipality of Port Hope in conjunction with Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) held an information session regarding property assessment and the new four year phase in cycle onWednesday, May 18, 2016.  For the presentation, please click here

On Tuesday September 27, 2016 the Municipality of Port Hope in conjunction with MPAC representatives Catherine Barr and Terry-lyn Wright, hosted an information session regarding the assessment of farmland properties. For the presentation, please click below:

For information on how assessment works, market trends, the Request for Reconsideration process and property assessment and taxation, visit If you would like to see the information MPAC has on file or your property or compare your property to others in your area, you can register and login using the Roll Number and Access Key located on your Property Assessment Notice. 

Do you have questions about your 2016 - 2020 Property Assessment Notice? Click the image below or contact the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) Customer Contact Centre at 1-866-296-MPAC (6722), or 1-877-889-MPAC (6722).

About My Property

For a tutorial on How to Use AboutMyProperty - please click here

Rebates for Vacancies in Commerical or Industrial Buildings

To be eligible for a rebate, a building or portion of a building must satisfy the following conditions:

  • Buildings that are Entirely Vacant
    • The entire building was unused for at least 90 consecutive days. 
  • Buildings that are Partially Vacant
    • A suite or unit within a commerical building will be eligible for a rebate if, for at least 90 consecutive days, it was:
      • Unused; and 
      • Clearly delineated or physically separated from the used portions of the buildings; and
      • Either:
        • Capable of being leased for immediate occupation; or 
        • Undergoing or in need of repairs or renovations that prevented it from being available for lease for immediate occupation; or
        • Unfit for occupation.
    • A portion of an industrial building will be eligible for a rebate if, for at least 90 consecutive days, it was:
      • Unused; and
      • Clearly delineated or physically separated from the used portions of the building. 

Applications can be found under Forms Central. The deadline for submitting applications is the last business day in February of the year following the taxation year to which the application relates.