Pemberton Drive Extension Notice

print-logo August 15, 2019

Municipal Class Environmental Assessment Schedule B
Pemberton Drive Extension
Notice of Completion

The Municipality of Port Hope is extending Pemberton Drive from Fox Road to Henderson Street. The Pemberton Drive extension will create an east-west collector for the new Business Park and will build on already completed work. Work will include but not be limited to a new roadway, stormwater, sanitary sewer, and watermain construction.

The above project is being planned under Schedule B of the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment. Subject to comments received as a result of this Notice, and receipt of necessary approvals, the Municipality of Port Hope intends to proceed with the design and construction of this project.

The Project plans and other information are available at the Municipal office and the offices of Greer Galloway.

Interested persons should provide written comment to the Municipality within 30 calendar days from the date of this Notice. Comments can be submitted through the Pemberton Drive Extension Community Consultation Page.

If concerns arise regarding this project, which cannot be resolved in discussion with the Municipality, a person or party may request that the Minister of Environment, Conservation and Parks, order a change in the project status and require a higher level of assessment under an individual of Environmental Assessment process (referred to as a Part II Order). Reasons must be provided for the request. Requests must be received by the Minister within 30 calendar days of this Notice.

If there is no request received by September 14, 2019, the Municipality of Port Hope will proceed to design and construction for the extension of Pemberton Drive, as presented in the planning documentation.

Please note that ALL personal information included in a Part II Order submission is collected, maintained and disclosed by the Ministry of the Environment, Conservations and Parks for the purpose of transparency and consultation. The information is collected under the authority of the Environmental Assessment Act or is collected and maintained for the purpose of creating a record that is available to the general public as described in s.37 of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Personal information you submit will become part of a public record that is available to the general public unless you request that your personal information remain confidential. For more information, please contact the Ministry’s Freedom of Information and Privacy Coordinator at 416-327-1434.

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This Notice was issued August 15, 2019.