Water & Wastewater


If you have purchased a home within the urban boundaries, you will need to complete and submit a Water Service or Cancellation Request to receive water service. This form can be found under "Finance Department (Property Owners)" on the Forms Central webpage. Completed request forms can be dropped off, faxed or mailed to the Finance Department at Town Hall (56 Queen Street, Port Hope, ON, L1A 3Z9) or sent via e-mail (waterbilling@porthope.ca). 

Municipal water billing notices are mailed four times a year and are due:

  • Wednesday, January 15, 2020
  • Wednesday, April 15, 2020 Friday, May 15, 2020 **Please note penalty for non-payment will not be applied until June 1, 2020. Customers can expect to receive their bills by regular mail early week of March 23-27, which will include a notice explaining these changes.**
  • Wednesday, July 15, 2020
  • Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Please be aware that Town Hall is currently closed to the public in an effort to help contain the spread of COVID19. Water bills can be paid at your bank or through online banking, if you wish to pay your water bill through your online banking please refer to the recommended payee name/code that the Municipality of Port Hope has for each bank posted below. Please note that if the payee names/codes posted below are not working for you and/or your bank is not within the Municipality of Port Hope, please contact your bank advisor for the correct payee code as it may be different to what is recommended below. There is a convenient drop box located at the front door (east side) of Town Hall located at 56 Queen Street where you can submit your payments. You can also pay through a pre-authorized payment plan, if you wish to sign up please click here to visit our Forms Central page and select the Pre Authorized Payment Plan Enrolment Application Form - Water and Sanitary Sewer under “Finance Department (Property Owners)”.

If you are interested in learning more about paying your property tax bill please click here to visit our Property Tax Information page.


        Bank                                 Payee Name/Code                                    Description

Bank of Montreal (BMO)         Port Hope Municipality Water          Account # (8 digits) Do not include

CIBC                                 Port Hope (Municipality of) Water          Account # (8 digits) Do not include

CUCO                                 Port Hope Water, Municipality of          Account # (8 digits) Do not include

RBC                                        Port Hope (Mun) Water                    Account # (8 digits) Do not include

Scotia Bank                          Municipality of Port Hope Water          Account # (8 digits) Do not include

TD Canada Trust                   Port Hope (Municipality of) Water       Account # (8 digits) Do not include

TelePay                                        Port Hope Water                        Account # (8 digits) Do not include


Current Water and Wastewater Rates

By-law 79/2014 Water and Wastewater Rates

Municipal water and wastewater are financially self-sustaining, and do not rely on property taxes for funding.  Rates are based on a Water and Wastewater Financial Sustainability Study and are reviewed every five years.  The current Water and Wastewater study was completed in 2014 and can be found under Municipal Publications

The Average Canadian Household Uses 330 litres of Water a Day

Average Canadian Household Uses of Water a Day

Reading Your Water Meter

Your water meter measures the amount of water used at your property in cubic meters.  One cubic meter equals 1,000 litres.  The meter itself is inside (usually in the basement) but is read electronically from the outside of the building. 

Your water meter can help identify whether there is a leak in your system.  Turn off all water sources and watch the meter for 10 to 15 minutes.  If the leak detector continues to turn, it is likely there is a leak. 

Depending on which model of water meter you have, the leak detector is either a blue triangle at the centre of the dial or a red circle to the bottom right of the dial. 

Finding a Water Leak

Check your water usage devices (toilets, taps, washing machine, etc.) on a regular basis. Malfunctioning water devices can add up to large water consumption bills and a leak even as small as the head of a pin will waste water and increase your water bill. 

Leaky toilets are often the cause of water loss and could waste more than 450 litres of water a day!

Test your toilet for a flapper valve leak by placing 10 drops of food colouring or instant coffee in the tank water (may stain the tank) and check the bowl after 10 to 15 minutes.  Coloured water in the bowl indicates a leak in your flapper valve. 

The toilet tank water level should be below the overflow pipe.  If it isn't, the float ball should be adjusted.  If you have to "jiggle" the toilet handle after flushing, adjust the chain so the flapper valve closes properly every time. 

Inside the Toilet Tank


For additional information regarding detecting a leak, please click here

For the Household Guide to Water Efficiency (from the Government of Canada), please click here

Call Before You Dig

Damage to the water service control valve at a property line is a common occurrence.  Repair costs are the responsibility of the property owner and may result in unsightly patches to your newly paved driveway or landscapping.  Before beginning any outdoor projects that require digging, it is important to ensure your project won't damage water lines. 

Contact Ontario1Call at 1-800-400-2255 or visit www.on1call.com.  Municipal staff will come to your property, at no cost to you, to locate your water shut off valve and ensure that it is functioning properly. 


Municipal Water Service Brochure

For any of the below inquiries, please contact the Revenue Administrator by e-mail: waterbilling@porthope.ca telephone: 905-885-4544, or in person in the Finance Department at Town Hall. 

  • Billing or Payment Information 
  • Water Service/Moving Requests
  • Bulk Water Purchases 

For any of the below inquiries, please contact the Development Team Office by e-mail: developmentteam@porthope.ca telephone: 905-885-2431 or in person at the Development Team Office (5 Mill Street).

  • Water Leak
  • Water Meter Replacement
  • Water Main/Sewer Inquiries
  • Locates