Centre of Excellence for Environmental Sustainability Working Group


Chair:  Bob Biffin
Council Representative:   Councillor Vicki Mink
Staff Representatives:  Kevin Narraway, Marketing and Tourism Manager and Jamie McKelvie, Development Technologist
Recording Secretary: Gail Martin

The Centre of Excellence Working Group for Environmental Sustainability meets the third Tuesday of each month at 9:30 a.m. at the Community Hub, 5325 County Road 10

Mandate of the Centre of Excellence for Environmental Sustainability

The mandate of the Centre of Excellence for Environmental Sustainability is to engage in research and education aimed at mitigating the environmental footprint; reduce waste; eliminate incineration and burning; participate with all levels of government in appropriate sustainability initiatives; collaborate with local business sectors, including agriculture, and support the development of environmentally sustainable business enterprises.

Purpose of Working Group

The purpose/role of the Centre of Excellence - Working Group (CoE-WG) is to plan and initiate the development of the Centre of Excellence to engage in a number of goals and outcomes, and propose the administration structure to Council.


The purpose/role of the Working Groupis to plan and initiate the development of the Centre of Excellence for Environmental Sustainability, a collaboration between the Municipality of Port Hope and its stakeholders in the public and private sector.


Goals and Outcomes

The Working Group will achieve its purpose through the following steps:

  •  1.1.1     Initiate collaboration and partnerships appropriate to the Mandate, including local, regional, provincial and national organizations

    1.1.2     Investigate possible educational opportunities with the Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board, the Peterborough-Victoria-Northumberland and Clarington Catholic District School Board, Trinity College School, Loyalist College, McMaster University and other educational institutions

    1.1.3     Explore potential use of Environmental Tips broadcast on local radio stations, social media, municipal website, newspapers and Council meetings.

    1.1.4     Promote the waste management hierarchy of reduce, reuse, recycle, compost, energy recovery and lastly, landfill

    1.1.5     Engage all levels of government (local, county, provincial, federal and First Nations) in advancing the approach to “Zero Waste” (which promotes recycling with minimal waste to landfills)

    1.1.6     Identify best practices from other communities related to environmental sustainability such as recycling and the composting of organic waste

    1.1.7     Establish objectives for the Municipality of Port Hope to achieve environmental sustainability and challenge other corporations and local businesses to participate

    1.1.8     Encourage and collaborate with prospective businesses to locate in Port Hope and collectively estimate job growth from their environmental sustainability outputs

    1.1.9     Maintain and update a list of local businesses involved in any aspect of environmental sustainability

    1.1.10  Encourage companies to adopt environmentally sustainable practices including the use of packaging that is recyclable, compostable or reusable

    1.1.11  Request that the Municipality of Port Hope update Port Hope’s Greenhouse Gas inventory to 2016-2018 as per the requirements of the Ontario Energy Act of 2009

    1.1.12  Collaborate with the Municipality of Port Hope to update the Corporate Climate Action Plan (2010) and the Port Hope Energy Conservation Plan (2014) to a holistic Climate Action and Green House Gas Emissions Reduction Plan

    1.1.13  Investigate, using the information from 1.1.11 and 1.1.12 above, the development of a 30 year plan to establish Port Hope as the greenest municipality in Ontario, supported by a detailed communication and marketing plan strategy.

    1.1.14  Review the various tools and guides provided by the Ontario government and various NGO’s to assist in establishing and attaining the Working Group’s goals and targets

    1.1.15  Explore the creation of a Sustainability staff position for municipal coordination and business/community outreach

    1.1.16  Identify project opportunities which may qualify for funding from various local, County, Provincial and Federal grant programs (e.g. Ontario’s Municipal Green House Gas Fund; FCM Green Municipal Fund)

    1.1.17  Identify project opportunities which may qualify to be monetized as environmental attributes and a revenue source for the Municipality.

    1.1.18  Explore new opportunities for EcoTourism expanding upon the natural Port Hope experience

    1.1.19  Create the Mandate, Vision and Administrative structure for the Centre of Excellence for Environmental Sustainability


Support for the Working Group is outlined in Section 4.2 of the Port Hope Community Strategic Plan. The Community Strategic Plan covers the time span of 2016 to 2018. The term of the Working Group shall be completed when its Purpose (Part 2) has been achieved and approved by Council.