Driveways and Boulevards


Are you thinking about beautifying the municipal boulevard in front of your home or placing hard surface on the driveway?

Here is what we want you to know before you undergo any time consuming or expensive projects...

The space between your property line and the road is municipal land that provides a space to run underground utilities and store snow in the winter months. Unfortunately, this means that it may from time to time undergo construction or require a dig. It is also in such close proximity to the road that it's low lying vegetation is key to providing road users with good sight lines.

Any improvements made to these areas will create curb appeal and are greatly appreciated and endorsed as a means to beautify the municipality. However, construction which may cause disruption will only be remediated to a standard seeded grass boulevard, asphalt patch etc. rather than the beautified previous extent that adjacent property owners may wish.

Replacing or updating your driveway

There are many options when it comes to installing new, replacing, or updating your driveway. Materials include options such as: cobblestone, interlocking brick, paving, asphalt, and cement, among others.

It is important to consider the type of driveway you would like to have, and how you want it to look or function, but did you know that making your water shut off valve and sanitary sewer cleanout visible and accessible is a key priority as a home owner?

What do you need to know?

Every home or property serviced by municipal water has a water valve access point (also known as water shut-off valve), and sanitary sewer cleanout, and it is usually found within the property's green space, or in the driveway for access. (see image below)


What is the shut-off valve for?

The water pipes in your home are connected underground to the municipal water supply. The water shut-off valve is the only way to access the water supply to your property for maintenance or valve replacement. In the event that the water shut-off valve is not visible, crews will need to dig up part of your driveway to locate the water valve to perform maintenance or replacement of valves underground. Should this occur, they will patch the area, but they will not replace or match the entire driveway.

What is the sanitary sewer cleanout for?

The plumbing in your home is connected underground to the municipal sanitary sewer infrastructure. The sanitary sewer cleanouut is the only way to access the sanitary sewer serviice line to your property for maintenance or clearing away a potencial blockage. In the event that the sanitary sewer cleanout is not visible, crews will need to dig up part of your driveway to locate the cleanout to perform maintenance. Should this occur, they will patch the area, but they will not replace or match the entire driveway.

What can you do?

Before the work begins:

Any time you are excavating, it is important to locate all your utility lines first. Contact Ontario One Call at 1-800-400-2255 to schedule an inspection for us to locate the utility lines. Under Ontario regulations, it is the law. Please call before you dig to keep your property, family, and the community safe.

Ensure that your contractor doesn't damage or pave over the curb stop or sanitary sewer cleanout when they do the work, and that an inspection has been completed prior to the driveway repairs or replacement. This should be among your contractors checklist of items to cover, but are important for you as a homeowner to know. The homeowner is held financially responsible should damage occur to this municipally owned infrastructure due to negligence. Your contractor will need to apply  for a Road Occupancy Permit prior to beginning your project. 

Please note:

If you do not request an inspection from us prior to paving and your valves or cleanout need repairs, we may have to dig up a portion of your driveway. We will patch the area, but we will not replace or match the entire driveway. Also, if we have made a repair to your water valve or saniary sewer cleanout, please allow 30 days for it to settle before completing any driveway work.

If your home is five years old or less, please check with your Developer before finishing your driveway. Homes five years old or less may not have their water service assumed by the municipality yet. In which case, changes to your driveway can only be approved by the developer in writing. Please contact the Municipality of Port Hope’s Engineering Division at 905-885-2431 x. 2513 to determine the status of the water box.