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Parks, Recreation and Culture Training Opportunities

Are you interested in employment in the recreation field?  We want you!  The Municipality is regularly looking for part time staff for programs, daycamp, customer service, aquatic lifeguards/instructors, fitness instructors, art instructors and summer parks staff.  We can lead you down the path of training to teach you the skills you need to succeed!

Start your training in Bronze Medallion/Emergency First Aid with a pre-requisite of swimming ability and a minimum of 13yrs of age.  This course teaches an understanding of the lifesaving principles in water rescue education.  Rescuers learn tows, carries and defense-and-release methods in preparation for rescues of various victim types.  The exam is the last day of the course and upon completion you can move on to the next level of the leadership ladder.

Bronze Cross with Standard First Aid, CPR C and AED is the next step with the pre-requisite of Bronze Medallion.  Designed for more advanced training and this course is the pre-requisite for the Lifeguarding and Instructing courses.

National Life Guard course develops leadership and safety supervision skills, emphasizing prevention and effective rescue response in emergencies and first aid treatment.  This certification is the minimum requirement in Lifeguarding.  Pre-requisite is Bronze Cross, Standard First Aid and 16yrs of age and older.

Red Cross Water Safety Instructor Course is designed to provide candidates with the proper knowledge and skills to teach swimming and water safety while promoting water-safe attitudes in, on and around the water.  The course will include a WSI Skills evaluation, WSI Online, WSI Teaching experience and WSI classroom and pool components.  All 4 components must be successfully completed for certification.

For more information on how to work your way through the leadership path in aquatics, contact our Aquatic Coordinator at lwills@porthope.ca or visit http://www.porthope.ca/aquatics

There is a high demand for daytime staff in aquatics.  If you are interested in more information, please contact lwills@porthope.ca   

If you are interested in becoming a leader for one of our programs and/or being a Daycamp Leader, follow the training path here.

Start with our Leaders In Training Program recognized as one of the Department of Parks, Recreation & Culture Youth Volunteer and Engagement programs.  With the growing success of the LIT program, this mentoring program is designed to enhance leadership skills, teamwork abilities, problem solving and more.  Running the first 2 weeks of July each summer at the Town Park Recreation Centre followed by volunteer opportunities with camp based on ratios and availability.  Open to youth 12-14yrs of age

Counsellor In Training is the next step for youth who have completed the LIT program and are 13-16yrs of age.  CIT's will learn day camp and program procedures, HIGH FIVE fundamentals and more, in a fun and interactive way.  As youth successfully complete the program they may be eligible to volunteer in the Departments Youth Volunteer Program including summer daycamp.  Located at the Town Park Recreation Centre the first week of July each summer.

For information on these courses www.porthope.ca/youth-programs-and-activities

Have a creative talent? 

We are continually looking for Art Instructors to teach a variety of classes such as Painting, Drawing, Photography, Cartooning and more.  If you have a new idea based on your skills, please contact our Recreation and Culture Coordinator at saldred@porthope.ca .  We love new ideas!

Watch for Job Postings to apply for positions at www.porthope.ca/career-opportunities

There is a high demand for daytime staff.  If you are interested in getting more information, email saldred@porthope.ca