Water meter close up

About my water meter

Your water meter measures the amount of water you use at your property in cubic meters. One cubic meter equals one thousand (1,000) liters. Your water meter is found inside your home typically in the basement. Municipality of Port Hope staff calculate your water and wastewater bill by reading the automatic reading box (ARB) that is mounted to the outside of your building.

Water meter leak indicator

You can use your water meter’s leak indicator to detect plumbing issues that may cause higher than normal consumption on your water and wastewater bill. There are varying models of water meters. Depending on which model you have, the leak indicator is a blue triangle at the center of the dial, or a red circle to the bottom right of the dial. Turn off all water sources and watch your meter for 10 to 15 minutes. If the leak indicator continues to turn there is likely a leak.

Water meter problems

If you are having issues with your water meter contact the Finance department by email or call 905-885-4544.

Replacing water meters

You will receive a letter from us if your water meter needs to be replaced.