Filming in Port Hope


The Municipality of Port Hope welcomes inquiries for film production. Our recently update Film Policy and Film Resource Guides were created to assist location consultants in selecting the perfect location for their production. Our authentic main street, heritage homes and camera-friendly vistas beckon film makers from around the globe.

For additional information please contact: 

Current Filming Projects:

There are currently no filming projects in Port Hope for the remainder of 2019.

Questions about filming in Port Hope can be directed to the Municipality of Port Hope Marketing and Tourism Office at 905-885-2004 or 

Would you like to list your property as a potential filming location?

The Ontario Media Development Corporation is an agency of the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport. Serving the function of the Ontario Film Commission, the agency’s Industry Development Group helps attract domestic and foreign production to Ontario by promoting the advantages of the province as a filming location and post-production centre. To do so, the department runs the OMDC Location Database, a resource of digital photo files representing over 10,000 Ontario shooting locations.

If you are interested in having your property/home listed on the OMDC digital locations library, you can either contact them at or 416-314-6858 or visit their website to register your property.

Impact on filming in Port Hope 2018

$1,595,000 total spending

Restaurants $10,000
Accommodations $350,000
Extras $180,000
Local Supplies $75,000
Location Costs $615,00
Security  $90,000