National Youth Week


National Youth Week 2020

The Municipality of Port Hope supports National Youth Week May 1-7, 2020 which is dedicated to the celebration of youth. It is a celebration of youth and their active participation in the community, through recreation, sport, civic engagement, art, volunteerism and leadership. Everyday youth are involved in meaningful activities and National Youth week is about honouring their involvement. Thank you to all the youth contributing to this great community everyday.

The Department of Parks, Recreation and Culture has some fun and engaging virtual opportunities for youth to participate in. Below is a list of the activities as well as some links to other great opportunities.

Kick Covid

To Kick Off National Youth Week the Department of Parks, Recreation and Culture challenges you to hackey a soccer ball more times than Leanne Clarke, Child and Youth Coordinator. Try to bounce a soccer ball as many times as you can using your legs, feet and head without it hitting the ground. Check it out on Instagram and keep the challenge going by trying to beat the last one to post. Post using #KickCovidPH

Photo Scavenger Hunt

In celebration of National Youth Week, we encourage all youth ages 12-19 to participate in a photo scavenger hunt! Attached to this email is the fun scavenger hunt. This is an independent activity and social distancing guidelines are to be followed. Post your finds to Instagram #scavengerhuntNYW

Can you find all the items/objects listed below and take photos of your findings for bragging rights! Follow hashtag #NYWporthope and post your photo’s.

  • A Disney Character
  • Something with Wheels
  • An Animal 
  • Something you love
  • A Street Sign
  • Flower
  • A perfect tree for a tree fort
  • Something Noisy
  • Favourite Snack
  • A hiding place


Youth Action Committee

As part of National Youth Week, May 1-7, The Department of Parks, Recreation and Culture would like to take this time to recognize some outstanding youth within our community. The Youth Action Committee is a group of Youth who meet and plan for opportunities for teens within the Municipality. They are enthusiastic and work hard to offer new opportunities for youth in Port Hope. These individuals include Abby H, Kaiya C, Quintin S, Livi H and Alissa F. Thank you for contributing towards your community!


Some other activities to participate in are:
1.Paticipaction - Download the ParticipACTION app to keep track of your physical activity! 
2.Canada’s Wonderland - For National Youth Week go to Canada’s Wonderland…..virtually! Click on the link and go for a ride 
3.Tennis Challenge - The Port Hope Racquet Club has suggested these great tennis exercises to improve your tennis skills and be ready for when the courts open.
4.Crash Course - Exercise your mind doing some online learning

Stay healthy and keep practicing social distancing!