Roads Division


** After hours telephone emergency procedure **

For after-hours emergency assistance for Roads related issues, please call 905.885.2431 and Press "2". Our Contact Centre Agents at T.A.S. Communications will be very pleased to assist you.


NOTICE: Half Load Restrictions In Effect From March 1st to April 27th.

During the spring thaw, most Rural roads become too soft to withstand the weight of a fully loaded truck, no matter how many axles.

In an effort to reduce damage to our roads during this time of year, weight restrictions of five tonnes per axle (half-loads) on all rural roads within the Municipality of Port Hope have been imposed, from March 1 to April 27th. 

**Note that the restriction timeline may be altered as conditions are monitored.

Please check with Northumberland County for any weight restrictions that may apply to the County roads that pass through our Municipality.

Please assist us in reducing repairs to our road system by not having heavy deliveries to your property this time of year.


Road Closures can be veiwed through the public website at presents content published to the Road Issues (Public) and Road Restrictions and Cautions (Public) layers. It also presents highway road issues, incidents and conditions.

The website features English and French user experiences. Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) guidelines has been referenced in the website design.

The website also features a dynamic legend that can be used to turn issue types on and off.

Future issues are presented on the public map if the start time is in the next 7 days only.

As a convenience to visitors, the website uses cookies to remember the map view used. When returning to the website, the application opens to the same map location, zoom level, issue types turned on and off, and language when you left it



Road Occupancy Permits must be issued to  a contractor or homeowner looking to work within the municipal right of way. Please download and fill out a Road Occupancy Permit for Construction purposes.

Traffic Calming plays an essential role in ensuring roadways serve the needs of all transportation users such as cars, transit, pedestrians (including those with accessibility needs), cyclists, emergency vehicles and snow removal equipment. When the rules of the road are not followed, residents may no longer feel safe walking or riding their bikes on the street. In these cases, traffic calming measures may be needed to restore the street to its intended function in the neighbourhood. Please see our Traffic Calming Program for more details.

Accessiblity Road Sign Policy has been implemented to create a process for residents who wish to obtain a road sign to alert drivers and motorists of local road areas where a person(s) iwth a disability resides. You can print the Accessibility Road Sign Application or contact the office to get a physical copy of the application.  

Rural Roadside Vegetation Management is maintained by Roads Operators who are committed to effecting a safe roadside environment for the safety of all roadway users while valuing the natural environment. This policy is developed to provide operable guidelines for the management of roadside vegetation and is premised on a vegetation management approach using manual, herbicidal, and mechanical means in demonstration of practical and cost-effective environmental stewardship. - Click this link to review the Rural Roadside Vegetation Management Policy

Snowplowing and Snow Removal is the responsibility of the Roads Division within the Works and Engineering Department during the winter months. Roads are cleared on a priority basis. Arterial roads and bus routes receive the highest priority followed by collector roads down to local residential streets.Click this link to review the Winter Maintenance Level of Service Policy.

Requests for regular Winter Maintenance will be received following the timeframe indicated for clearence in the Winter Maintenance Level of Service Policy. This is to allow the roads operators the time and focus required to implement the operations without distraction. Following the indicated timeframes Work Orders may be logged and tracked. 

Which Priority level applies to your road?

Priority 1 Map      Priority 2 Map       Priority 3 Map        Priority 4 Map       Rural Roads Map       Sidewalk Map

Sidewalk Clearance (outside of the sections indicated in the Sidewalk map) are the responsibility of the property owner. Properties within the Heritage Business Incentive Area have 6 hours from the beginning of the storm event to maintain adjacent sidewalk areas. All other property owners have 48 hours from the beginning of the storm event to maintain adjacent sidewalk areas. 

Mailboxes must be installed to Canada Post specifications. If your mailbox is damaged by a direct plow hit please contact 905.885.2431 to place a maintenance work order. Mailboxes that cannot be repaired will be replaced with a standard metal mailbox. 

Annual Resurfacing Program is the responsibility of the Roads Division and this annual program is implemented to address any pavement issues on Municipal roads in both the urban and rural areas. This annual program addresses issues from the stability and structure of the road, along with cracking, patching, potholes and/or any deterioration that may be occurring. Each road has been rated from good, fair, poor, and/or very poor based on the issues stated above and were placed into a preliminary anticipated resurfacing schedule based on an annual fixed capital budget per year.

Check the pavement condition for your road and associated budget requirements used for maintenance planning: