Tree Advisory Committee


Tree Advisory Committee 

Chair:  Michael Goldstein
Staff Reps.:  Dave Beckett, Acting Transportation Operations Manager,, Floyd Beattie, Parks and Facilities Manager, fbeattie@porthopeca 
Council Rep.:   Councillor Vicki Mink
Recording Secretary: Gail Martin

The Tree Advisory Committee meets the first Tuesday of each month at 1:00 p.m., at Joint Operations Centre, 284 Victoria Street North, in the Board Room.

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*NEW: Applications are now being accepted by the Ganaraska Region Conservation Authority for three different tree planting programs. 

To find out more about the following stewardship programs, visit
- Emerald Ash Borer Replacement Tree Program
- Trees for Rural Roads
- Tree Seedling and Planting Program 

Mission Statement

To promote the planting, preservation and care of trees on Municipal property.


To provide advice to Municipal Council and Staff regarding policies, programs and when requested to provide advice on assessments recognizing the value of trees on public property in the Municipality.

To promote the value and benefits of trees through public education.


  1. The Committee will strive to increase the awareness of the importance of trees to the community of Port Hope, through the use of various methods, such as liaising with other community groups and individuals and is authorized to work jointly with other Municipal Boards, Committees, Municipal Departments, Council and/or services in providing information to community organizations, distributing information to the general public, encouraging special projects or tree planting campaigns. 
  2. The Committee will consider any gift/donation or offer of trees if the trees in question meet the needs and objectives of the Committee, in accordance with the Tree Policy adopted by the Municipal Council.
  3. The Committee will assist the Director of Works and Engineering and the Director of Parks, Recreation and Culture when requested in the assessment of trees considered for planting/trimming/removal from Municipal property.
  4. The Committee will receive and review reports as required from time to time from an Arborist, in consultation with the Director of Works and Engineering and/or the Director of Parks, Recreation and Culture.
  5. At the request of the Director of Works and Engineering and/or the Director of Parks Recreation and Culture, the Committee will provide suggestions/recommendations with respect to trees where construction, street upgrades, park development or major landscaping is being planned so that the current tree population is properly and completely assessed.
  6. Fiscal requirements regarding Tree Committee recommendations will be established through the annual municipal budget process under the Department of Public Works, and all purchasing and expenditures shall be the responsibility of the Department of Public Works and/or the Department of Parks, Recreation and Culture.
  7. Approved minutes shall be forwarded through the Municipal Clerk (Director of Corporate Services) for inclusion in the Committee of the Whole agenda.
  8. The Chair shall submit an annual report outlining the committee activities both past and current and proposed work plan for the upcoming year, to be submitted at the end of each year to Council through the Municipal Clerk (Director of Corporate Services).

The Committee shall participate in the development of the Tree Policy and review annually the policies of the Municipality with respect to the preservation, planting, care and removal of trees on Municipal property, recognizing the value of trees, and to provide recommendations to Council with respect to any amendments or new policies which the Committee deems appropriate.