Waterfront and Riverwalk Working Group



As a Working Group, the goal is to provide recommendations to Council relative to future waterfront and river development, including adjacent lands, within the Municipality of Port Hope. 


The Waterfront and Riverwalk Working Group (WRWG) is a citizen advisory group established by and responsible to Council.  The WRWG will provide recommendations to Council on the strengths, attributes and opportunities to enhance the assets of the Ganaraska River and Waterfront pertaining to economic development and recreational opportunities.


The matters that shall be dealt with by the WRWG: 

  1. Complete a review of the Consolidated Waterfront Master Plan and develop a revised plan inclusive of an implementation strategy.

  2. Identify and recommend improvements to trails and recreational access to the Ganaraska River and Waterfront.

  3. Identify potential investment opportunities and partnerships to encourage economic development initiatives along the Ganaraska River and Waterfront. 

For specific implementation of projects, a sub-committee may be created in addition to other community and agency stakeholders.

Parks, Recreation & Culture and Community Development staff will be the primary staff resource to the committee with staff liaisons from other Municipal service areas to be available on an as needed basis.

The scope of the project area for review includes the following:

  • West Beach
  • Inner Harbor
  • Centre Pier
  • East Beach to Gages Greek
  • The Ganaraska River from Lake Ontario to highway 40

The area includes municipally owned lands and GRCA lands.  For the Ganaraska River, these lands include; lands east of Queen Street to west of Mill Street, east of Walton Street to west of Mill Street, east of Cavan Street to west of private lands heading north to the 401.

The Working Group will be cognizant of any existing agreements related to the waterfront as previously approved by Council and work within the parameters of these previously approved agreements.  The scope of work will not apply to projects on private property.  In addition, the Port Hope Area Initiative is currently underway and the Working Group will work within the parameters of the project and recommendations will not impede the progress of the project.

More information on the Waterfront and Riverwalk Working Group is available here