2022 Candidate Information

Microphone The 2022 Municipal Election took place on Monday, Oct. 24, 2022. View the official results of the election.

In the municipal election, you can run for Office of Mayor, Ward 1 Councillor (four positions) and Ward 2 Councillor (two positions), and English and/or French School Board Trustees. Please note, nominations are now closed. View the 2022 election candidates.

Candidate Information and Resources

Campaign Finances and Campaign Period

Each candidate who runs in a Municipal Election must file a Financial Statement with the Municipal Clerk. These statements will be made public. The prescribed Financial Statement – Form 4 issued by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing can be accessed through the Ministry website.

Your campaign period begins on the day the Clerk receives your nomination.

In most cases, your campaign will end on January 3, 2023. Exceptions are if you:

  • withdrew your nomination, your campaign ends on the date you informed the clerk in writing that you wanted to withdraw
  • were not certified as a candidate and your name did not appear on the ballot, your campaign ends on nomination day (August 19, 2022)
  • know you will not have any more financial activity, you can end your campaign at any time after voting day and before January 3, 2023

If you have extended your campaign to pay down a deficit, the end date for the extended campaign period will be the earliest of:

  • the day you notify the clerk in writing that you will be ending your campaign and not accepting any more contributions
  • June 30, 2023

(Note: if you are having trouble viewing a form on your browser, select “Save link as” to save the form onto the desktop and then open the form from the desktop with Adobe Reader).

Joint Election Compliance Audit Committee

The Joint Election Compliance Audit Committee (CAC) reviews and considers compliance audit applications submitted by an elector who believes that a Candidate or Registered Third Party Advertiser has contravened a provision of the Municipal Elections Act (MEA) relating to election campaign finances. The CAC is also responsible for reviewing reports submitted by the Municipal Clerk with respect to any contributor who appears to have contravened any of the contribution limits to a candidates’ election campaign or to a Registered Third Party Advertiser. The Committee has the authority to:

  • Grant or reject a compliance audit application;
  • Appoint an auditor to conduct an audit where the application is granted;
  • Consider the auditor’s or Clerk’s report within 30 days of receiving it; and
  • Decide whether to commence legal proceedings against the Candidate, a contributor or Registered Third Party for any apparent contravention.

For more information, please contact the Office of the Clerk at 905.885.4544. 

Guides and Resources for Candidates

  • The MMAH Candidates' Guide provides information to candidates for the 2022 municipal and school board elections. 
  • Candidates may also refer to the information and forms contained in the Candidate Information Package they received when they filed their nomination. 
  • Candidates may wish to access Provincial forms through the Ministry Website

Candidate Financial Statements

All financial statements filed with the Clerk are posted on this web page for public viewing as received. The financial statements that have been filed to date can be accessed by clicking on the link next to the candidate's name below. Candidates who have not yet filed their financial statements in accordance with the applicable due dates listed above will not have a link to click on next to their name.

If you need an accessible version of one of the forms below, please email us or call 905-885-4544.


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Ward 2 Councillor