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The Municipality of Port Hope is an affiliate of the Canadian Red Cross and the Lifesaving Society.  To become a lifeguard and swim instructor, a candidate will need courses provided by both organizations.

Please note our buildings are still currently closed and we will not be doing over the phone registrations. Please e-mail Lori Willis to register for a program.

Lifesaving Society courses

Bronze Medallion and Emergency First Aid

The Bronze Medallion award teaches an understanding of water rescue education. The candidates will learn carries, victim types, and low-risk rescues.

The Emergency First Aid award teaches and understanding of emergency treatment of injuries. The candidates will learn about victim assessment, CPR, choking and more.

Prerequisite: Bronze Star or 13 years of age by the exam date.

Dates: July 12 to July 16 or August 9 to August 13

Bronze Medallion and Emergency First Aid Registration

Bronze Cross and Standard First Aid

The Bronze Cross award builds on the knowledge from Bronze Medallion. The candidates will experience more challenging rescues and skills.

The Standard First Aid award builds on the knowledge from Emergency First Aid. The candidates will learn about bone and joint injuries, spinal injuries and more.

Prerequisite: Bronze Medallion

Dates: July 5 to July 9 or July 19 to July 23 and August 16 to August 20

Bronze Cross and Standard First Aid Registration

National Lifeguard-Pool

The National Lifeguard- Pool award builds on the knowledge from Bronze Cross. The candidates will learn how to supervise a pool and rescue those in distress. Only those who hold a National Lifeguard- Pool award may lifeguard in a pool setting.

Prerequisite: 15 years of age, Standard Frist Aid (current), Bronze Cross (need not be current)

Dates: July 23 to July 25 and August 6 to August 8
National Lifeguard - Pool Registration

National Lifeguard-Pool Recertification

The National Lifeguard- Pool award requires recertification every two years to remain current. This recertification course will review important components of the National Lifeguard- Pool award. Only candidates with a current award may lifeguard in a pool setting. 

Prerequisite: National Lifeguard- Pool

Dates: Tuesday, June 29, 2021

National Lifeguard Recertification Registration

Canadian Red Cross Water Safety Instructor course

The Canadian Red Cross Water Safety Instructor Course teaches the candidates how to teach swimming lessons to all ages. Successful completion of all four components are required to receive your certification.
Prerequisite: Age 15 upon completion of the course, Bronze Cross

Date: July/August course
Water Safety Instructor Registration

Step 1: Skills Evaluation

The skills evaluation checks each candidate’s strokes and skills to ensure that they meet a Level 10 swim level.

Step 2: Online Component

The online component teaches how to use the Red Cross resources to teach swimming lessons. The candidate will complete assignments in their workbook during the online component.

Step 3: Teaching Experience

The teaching experience allows the candidate to practice what they learned in the online course. To complete the course, candidates must complete at least 8 hours of teaching experience. The Canadian Red Cross encourages candidates to complete there teaching over the entire session.

Step 4: Classroom and Pool Component

The classroom and pool component reviews all concepts learned in the online component and the teaching experience. It will allow the candidate to explore different ideas and use more resources.