High Five Programming


Discover the HIGH FIVE Difference

HIGH FIVE is a comprehensive quality standard used by organizations across Canada. It helps organizations deliver high quality programs that are safe, welcoming and respect the individual needs of each child. HIGH FIVE is built around five principles of healthy child development. This ensures that leaders are caring adults and that kids participate fully, make friends, learn skills and have fun! It all adds up to a great program and happy, healthy kids!

9 out of 10 parents are more satisfied after enrolling their kids in programs that use HIGH FIVE. 98% of HIGH FIVE Organizations have been able to make the kids they serve happier!+

Join the growing number of parents who choose HIGH FIVE Accredited organizations for their children’s recreation programs to ensure they enjoy the best way to play!

  1. The HIGH FIVE logo in the program brochure or organization website.
  2. The leaders are confident and friendly. They treat all children with respect and honesty.
  3. The program content provides challenges that are right for your child’s age and skill level.
  4. The focus is on achieving a personal best rather than winning.
  5. Activities are well-organized and fill the time, with opportunities for children to have a choice.
  1. Tell me what you like best about your teacher/leader?
  2. Did you make any friends?
  3. Did you learn to do something new or get better at something?
  4. Did you feel bored? Was there always something to do? Did you have fun?
  5. What was your favourite part/activity?

Testimonials in our Community

"My children look forward to their weekly programs of swim and dance, friendly faces of the staff and making friends in their classes. They’ve grown into more confident individuals as they how to do learn new things in these programs."
- Mel M!

"Programming with the Department of Parks, Recreation and Culture has provided our children with the knowledge and skills needed to become strong confident swimmers and individuals."
- Kate M

For more information visit www.highfive.org
+ (HIGH FIVE Impact Study, 2016)