COVID-19 Update: Please note that aquatic programs and swimming lessons have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Please review the new information on the COVID-19 webpage and check regularly for up-to-date program and scheduling information.

Procedures for entering/exiting and use of the arena now that user groups are returning to the facility (masks are mandatory for all when entering and exiting the building and for spectators at all times:

  • Coaches arrive early to meet all players/participants outside at the blue lines on the sidewalk (maintain an open area to the entrance doors as there will be swimming participants coming into the building through these doors as well and they will need a clear path with distancing to enter
  • Coach should have a team list and the 4 covid questions to ask everyone (screening before entry) and marking down the date/time, checking off screening and crossing off any players not in attendance. This list is to be kept for at least 30 days by the organization.
  • Parents can attend as spectators but will only be allowed into the facility at the start of their child's ice time and not permitted in the dressing rooms.  Spectators names and phone numbers and hand sanitizing will be monitored by arena and/or customer service staff of the facility and this list will be kept by facility staff.  Spectators are to leave out the north east door as soon as the players have left the ice and gone to the dressing room to allow the next group of parents/spectators into the facility at the start of their ice time.
  • Teams are to enter the facility all together with their coach and proceed to the designated dressing rooms (they should be mostly dressed when they come as they will only be permitted into the facility/dressing rooms 15 minutes prior to the ice time).  9 players per dressing room (markers on benches) with 2 rooms per team and room 5 for any overflow (more than 18 on one team).  Players remain in dressing room until ice time and follow one way directional arrows for hallway.  To go to the ice they go to the end of the hall that comes out under the scoreclock and go on the ice at those entrance doors.  When they come off the ice they come off between the seating area and go down the hall to their room.  The team is to leave together after the next group is on the ice and go down the hall again to where the scoreclock is and along the end of the ice surface to the north east door (glass in door back corner) and walk along the back of the facility to the parking lot.  The roadway is blocked with cement barriers at one end and a sign at the other end that states no vehicles except the zamboni is to be back there for the safety of the people walking.
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    Jack Burger Sports Complex

    60 Highland Drive, Port Hope, Ontario
    p: 905.885.2474

    Please visit the Cancellations Page for any updates on recreational skating cancellations and stat holidays.

    The Jack Burger Sports Complex houses 1000 seat arena for use by residents sports teams, and community groups. The arena pro shop offers skate sharpening and the canteen is a great place to stop for a mid-skate snack.For more information on the facilities or programs offered, please visit, call or email the Jack Burger Sports Complex.


    Ice Rentals are now available for birthday parties and one time bookings with New Covid protocols/procedures.  To rent, please email 


    The ice will be back in for start up on Monday, September 21, 2020. Please note that you must reserve and pay in advance for your skating times, online or by phone at 905-885-2474. Dressing rooms are not available for recreational skating and cancellations or changes are not permitted due to limited spaces. Slots are available by reservation only; drop-ins are not available at this time.

    Public Skating - Wednesdays 4:00-4:50pm and Sundays 1:00-1:50pm ($3.25/person). There are a maximum of 24 spots available. 

    Adult Skating - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday at 12:30-1:20pm ($3.25/Sr 55yrs+, $4.50/adult 18-54yrs)

    Parent and Tot Skating - Mondays and Fridays at 10:00-10:50am ($3.25/person)

    Reserve, check in at the front desk no more than 15 minutes prior to your skating time, use benches in the arena as dressing rooms will not be available for recreational skating, leave the facility no more than 15 minutes after your skate time. 

  • Call 905.885.2474 ext 3221 for information on booking ice/arena floor times or email
  • Check facility availability to request a time.
  • Please visit our Tournaments Page for a list of upcoming tournament events that will limit the parking available at the Jack Burger Sports Complex.