firefighter walking into flames

The Municipality of Port Hope Fire and Emergency Services has proudly served the community since 1834. PHFES is a Volunteer Department having volunteer emergency services personnel comprising 97 percent or greater of its department membership. Port Hope Fire and Emergency Services currently includes a full-time Fire Chief, a Deputy Fire Chief, a Fire Prevention Officer, two administrative support positions and a complement of 73 volunteer firefighters.

How we serve

PHFES provides fire protection and emergency response services, including fire suppression, auto extrication, emergency medical responses, and fire prevention and public education programs within the Municipality from three fire stations and serve both urban and rural areas in the Municipality. Learn about the work we do and consider becoming a Volunteer Firefighter.

Our Motto:

Duty to Protect, Privilege to Serve – Since 1834

Our Mission:

Protecting Lives and Property through Prevention, Preparedness & Service Excellence

Our Vision:

  • We will honour our community's trust by demonstrating our commitment to duty.
  • We will proactively identify and analyze our community's risks, thereby maintaining an efficient response model. We will build strong relationships and consistent collaboration with our regional partners and support agencies.
  • We will maintain an internal culture that is reflective of a diverse, respectful and professional atmosphere, nurtured by cooperative and evolving internal communication processes.
  • We will complete comprehensive training, employee development and succession planning to ensure the future success of our fire department

Our Values:

  • Caring
  • Communication
  • Dedication
  • Excellence in Service
  • Innovation
  • Integrity & Honesty
  • Teamwork
  • Honour & Respect
  • Pride
  • Professionalism