Hand holding cell phone with emergency alert

Port Hope's emergency alert system sends simultaneous alerts via Rave Mobility Safety to advise our residents and businesses of emergency situations or hazards that could affect your health and safety (e.g. major fire, hazardous materials, shelter-in-place/evacuation notice, or severe weather conditions).

Self Registration

Please register with us to receive important emergency alert messages. Participation in the alert system is not mandatory. Your contact information is kept confidential and can be removed from the system upon request.  If you are already registered and wish to update or remove your information, please contact the Fire Administration Office.

Register to receive emergency alerts 

How does it work?

Though most telephone numbers are automatically registered, the Rave Alert self registration portal allows you to ensure that you get the call, either on a landline, cell phone or by text. Simply fill out the online self registration form to ensure that you and your family members are notified in the event of an emergency. Your information will be secure and will not be shared with anyone. For more information please email our administrative staff or call 905-753-2230.

Frequently Asked Questions

How did you get my number?

Contacts in the alert system are completely confidential and have been obtained from the emergency services database of telephone numbers.

What should I do when I am called?

When you receive an automated phone call from the alert system, please listen carefully to the message. You will be informed as to the nature of the situation and be given instructions on how to protect yourself. The message could possibly ask you to stay indoors until further notice or to evacuate the area immediately.

What if I miss the call?

If you do not answer your phone, the system will attempt to reach you with two additional calls. The system will leave a message on your answering machine if it picks up the call. If there has been no answer after three phone calls, your information will be recorded and delivered to the authorities for a possible follow-up or in-person alert, depending on the severity of the situation.

What if my number is unlisted?

If you wish to add your cell phone number or other contact information to our database, please follow the instructions for Self Registration on this page. Your information will be secure and will not be shared with anyone.

How do you know who to call?

In the event of an emergency, local Police, Fire, EMS, Health or City Officials will indicate the physical area(s) to be notified and the alert system will attempt to contact persons who reside in those locations.

Is the system secure?

The alert system can only be accessed by authorized personnel, and all data is protected by state-of-the-art security protocols.

What can I do?

Be prepared for emergencies. Create a family emergency plan. Have an emergency supply kit readily available at home, at work, and in your car. Plan for the types of emergencies or disasters that can happen in the area where you live.