Smoke alarm and evacuation plan

Fire and life safety education is an important element of Port Hope Fire and Emergency Services to increase awareness of the need for smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms and home escape planning, subsequently reducing the risk and impact of fires in our municipality.

The Fire Prevention Division is responsible for inspections, investigations, plan reviews, and public education.

The minimum acceptable level of service is identified in a Public Fire Safety Guideline issued by the Office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management.

Core Services for Fire Prevention Division 

The core services that must be provided are a simplified risk assessment, a smoke alarm program, distribution of fire safety education material to residents and inspections upon complaint or when requested to assist with code compliance. 

Smoke alarm on ceiling with smoke surrounding it
Smoke alarms

Find out about smoke alarm installation, maintenance, and testing in your home

Person testing a carbon monoxide alarm
Carbon Monoxide

Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarms are required in all homes. Learn about why you need CO alarms on all floors

Pressing smoke alarm button
Alarmed for Life

Learn about this home fire safety awareness program that helps to keep our community safe

Protecting your loved ones 

Arson Prevention for Children 

Find out how this program assists families with children or teens involved in fire-play. 

Protect your children

Alzheimer Caregiver Fire Safety

Discover how you can help a family member living with Alzheimer's Disease and ensure fire safety for them is a top priority

Learn about considerations for those with Alzheimers 

Protecting your property

Home Fire Safety and Tips

Prepare yourself and your family by knowing what to do in the case of a fire.  

Make a home safety plan

Landlord and Commercial Safety

Find out what roles and responsibilities a landlord plays in fire safety and prevention. 

Learn about landlord and commercial requirements

Barn Safety

Find out how you can prevent the devastating loss of a barn and other farming structures. 

Learn more about Barn fire safety

Residential Fire Sprinklers

Find out how fire sprinklers save lives and may reduce insurance premiums. 

Discover more about sprinklers

Portable Fire Extinguishers

Find out how portable fire extinguishers can help in the case of small fires in your home or building. 

Learn about using an extinguisher

Lock Box Program

Learn about our Lock Box Program for commercial properties and how it can prevent damage to doors and windows that may be cause during fire calls.

Get a lock box

Building Inspections 

Buildings within the Municipality of Port Hope are inspected based on mandated inspections, complaints, requests and routine inspections. Fire investigations are performed when the origin and cause of a fire is not obvious or easily determined by the Fire Officer on scene. Another important responsibility of Fire Prevention is the review of plans. These include rezoning applications, site plan applications, building permits and fire safety plans. Working with the Building Inspectors, the Fire Inspector reviews building permit plans for fire protection equipment to ensure compliance with the requirements in the Ontario Building Code and referenced standards.