Our Municipal Calendar is a place to share community events and a wide-variety of Port Hope meetings, public information sessions, events and announcements. You may search for an event by entering keywords into our search box or refining your search by category from the drop-down list. Alternatively, this colour legend represents each department. 

 Yellow = Public Information Sessions. 

 Orange = Boards and Committees. 

 Green = Public Works, Roads & Transit. 

 Gray=Finance, Budgets & Taxes. 

 Blue = Parks, Recreation & Culture 

 Purple=Community Events. 

 Pink =Port Hope Public Library. 

 Brown =Council 

We also have a Council Portal where you may view information about Council and “Committee of the Whole” meetings. 

The Municipality of Port Hope captures photographs and/or video and/or audio recordings that may contain your recognizable image at its events/activities/programs to be used by the Municipality in its marketing and promotional materials in print, online and on social media.  Questions may be directed to communications@porthope.ca.

Share Your Community Event

Port Hope community groups and agencies are encouraged to post public events onto our calendar. To post an event use our Event submission form. It is recommended that you provide an email address so that we may verify your event listing with you and notify you when the event has been published on our site. Please note that all events expire 90 days after they commence. If you have posted an event to our calendar and would like to request changes to your event posting please contact visitorscentre@porthope.ca. For a list of additional calendars available to help spread the word, download our external calendar listings PDF.