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For more information about the Project, including current work, buying or selling your home, upcoming construction, timelines or to speak to someone about your property, please visit PHAI website.

Clean up project in Port Hope

The Port Hope Area Initiative (PHAI) represents the Government of Canada’s commitment to respond to the community driven request for the cleanup and local, long-term, safe management of the historic low-level radioactive waste in the municipalities of Port Hope and Clarington.

The Port Hope Project involves the construction of a long-term waste management facility and supporting infrastructure for the safe, long-term management of approximately 1.2 million cubic metres of historic low-level radioactive waste, cleanup of the waste from various sites in Port Hope and its transportation to the facility, and long-term maintenance and monitoring.

Municipal Project Staff

To facilitate the project, the Municipality established a Municipal Project Staff (MPS) Team to assist the PHAI staff and the Municipality of Port Hope for the duration of the Port Hope Area Initiative’s Port Hope Project Phase 2 works. The MPS Team provides necessary contractor permitting for project activities and coordination efforts between PHAI activities and MPH planned scopes of work.

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) Contractors 

As part of the project, the Municipality established Standard Operating Procedures and Guidelines (SOPs/SOGs). The SOPs/ SOGs document exists to assist contractors, the PHAI, and the Municipality through implementation of the project. Council delegated this authority to the MPS by By-law 50/2014. 

CNL approved contractors who require necessary municipal permits to complete PHAI work are requested to contact the MPS department by email.  Contractors may request copy of the SOP/SOGs, receive a permit application form, and submit permit applications.