View of water system treatment area

Clean, safe drinking water is essential to a healthy community. The Municipality of Port Hope owns and operates the Port Hope Drinking Water System, which supplies water to the community for residential, commercial, industrial and institutional use. Our drinking water comes from Lake Ontario.

Drinking water reports

View the drinking water system reports. The Municipality of Port Hope follows the testing, monitoring and reporting program outlined in the Safe Drinking Water Act.

Quality Management System

The Municipality of Port Hope Quality Management System Operational Plan describes how the Municipality meets or exceeds the requirements outlined in the Ministry of the Environment’s Drinking Water Quality Management Standard. The Operational Plan states that we are committed to:

  • Providing safe drinking water
  • Obeying all applicable legislation and regulations
  • Reviewing, maintaining and continually improving our drinking water system
  • Treating and producing water that is clean and reliable
  • Holding the highest standards of quality
  • Operating in an environmentally responsible manner
  • Providing a sustainable drinking water system
  • Educating the public about the importance of clean drinking water

Email us for the full Quality Management System Operational Plan.

Water treatment

Our drinking water system consists of a water treatment plant and water distribution system. The Water Treatment Plant is located at 35 Marsh Street and uses membrane ultrafiltration technology and chlorination to treat raw water from Lake Ontario before it enters the distribution system.

This technology allows for a higher level of treatment in a smaller area in comparison to conventional water treatments. We do not add fluoride to the water and any fluoride that exists in our water is naturally occurring.

Water distribution system

Each time you turn on your tap, flush your toilet or water your lawn, you are receiving the highest quality drinking water that is transported through a complex network of reservoirs, pumping stations and trunk watermains.

We maintain:

  • 100 km of watermains
  • 550 fire hydrants
  • 1,200 mainline water valves
  • 4,820 residential and commercial water service connections and water meters