Aerial view of Walton Street, Queen Street and Mill Street

The Roads Division is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of roadways, sidewalks, and boulevards within the Municipality of Port Hope, including winter snow removal. We also issue a variety of road permits for those who are looking to conduct work or transport heavy loads on our roadways.

Road closed sign
Road Closures

Visit Municipal 511 for a complete list of road closures in the Municipality of Port Hope. You can view road closures due to construction and maintenance as well as collisions. Subscribe to our road closures newsfeed and we'll send an alert to your inbox. 

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Annual Road Resurfacing

The Municipality runs an annual resurfacing program in order to maintain our road infrastructure and address any pavement issues. This program covers Municipal roads in both the urban and rural areas.

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Road Permits

Depending on your construction or development project, you may need to occupy or haul a heavy load on roadways owned by the Municipality of Port Hope. Learn about the permits and regulations needed in order to do work on our roadways.

Snowplow clearing road
Snow Plowing

The Municipality of Port Hope provides snow removal services to Municipal roads and various sidewalks in order to help keep our community safe throughout the winter months. Check out our parking regulations to learn about winter parking.

You can report an issue if you have a road condition concern, tree removal or trim request, or  would like to report a sign missing.
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Replacing or updating your driveway

If you want to replace or update your driveway, your contractor should contact us before work begins. You will need to obtain a Road Occupancy Permit so that we can inspect your shut off valve and sanitary clean out before the work begins.  

If your valve needs repairs and you don’t call for an inspection, we may need to dig up a portion of your driveway. We will patch the area, but we will not replace or match the entire driveway.

If we have made a repair to your water valve or sanitary sewer clean out, please allow 30 days for it to settle before completing any driveway work.

Please contact us to determine the status of the water box. If your home is five years old or less, please check with your Developer before finishing your driveway.

 Utility locates and updating your driveway

If you are planning to replace or update your driveway, make sure that you conduct a utility locate before beginning any work. This way you can ensure that your water shut off valve and sanitary sewer cleanout are visible and easy to access.

You will be financially responsible for any damage that occurs to municipally owned infrastructure.


The space between your property line and the road is municipal land. We use this space to run underground utilities and store snow in the winter months. You can make improvements to this area by planting flowerbeds, shrubs or plants.

However, we may need to do construction or digs on this property, which may cause disruption. After construction projects, we will only re-plant seeded grass or add an asphalt patch.

Traffic Calming Program

Our Traffic Calming Program plays an essential role in ensuring roadways serve the needs of all transportation users such as cars, transit, pedestrians, including those with accessibility needs, cyclists, emergency vehicles and snow removal equipment. When the rules of the road are not followed, residents may no longer feel safe walking or riding their bikes on the street. In these cases, traffic calming measures may be needed to restore the street to its intended function in the neighbourhood. Please email us for questions about the Program.