The Municipality of Port Hope issues licenses and permits for a variety of purposes. Each one has its own application instructions and associated fees. Click on each link located to the right to view more information for the licences and permits that are available.

baby on blanket
Birth and Death Certificates

Register for birth and death certificates online.

Frame of home
Building Permits

Apply for building permits and consultation meetings online.

Fire burning wood
Burn Permits

Information about burns and applications to our Fire Administration Office for local burn permits.

Woman holding open sign in business window
Business Licences

Apply for business licenses and permits such as B&B's, taxi's, and food vehicles.

dog with tag on collar
Dog Licences

Register your perfect pooch for a dog licence online or view information about Port Hope's dog licence by-laws.

Heritage home carved leaves accent
Heritage Permits

Changes to heritage homes require approval, which you can apply for here.

Puppies laying on the grass
Kennel Licences

Review guidelines on owning, operating, and registering a kennel.

fireworks in the night sky

Find information on the discharging, consumption, and sale of fireworks in Port Hope.

A colourful collection of Bingo balls
Lottery Licence

View regulations on lottery licences, if your organization is eligible, and how to obtain one.

Couple dancing at wedding

To make your special day official, register for a marriage certificate and view our pre-marriage checklist.

Event in the Port Hope bandshell
Planning an Event

Looking to plan an event in Port Hope? View all requirements and complete an application here.

Person with pen noting a zoning map change
Planning and Development

View this page for a variety of municipal planning and development application forms.

Plumber working on pipes in framed wall
Plumbing Permits

Visit for information on application forms, fees, and inspections for plumbing and sewage permits.

Child swimming in pool
Recreation Assistance Fee

We want you to be able to join in the fun no matter what. Visit this page to learn how.

Road sign and pylons
Road Permits

Visit for information on temporarily occupying a road, exemption from heavy load restrictions, or entrance permits.

Tent with banner hanging on the exterior. Banner displays the words we are open for outdoor classes
Special Event Signs and Tent

Find information on special event signage and temporary tents.

Scrap yard metal
Salvage Yard Pemit

For more information on Salvage Yards permits.

Wooden fence
Line Fencing Act

Building a Fence?  Be sure you know the rules.

Bed and Breakfast Sign
Sign and Patio Permits

Learn more about our sign and patio permits