Port Hope's multi-year accessibility plan was created to be a working document. It serves as a road map for the Municipality outlining the legislative requirements, detailing the areas of responsibility, clearly stating the actions we will take and establishing the timeframes. The plan also references the legislated timeframes to ensure the Municipality meets its compliance deadlines. 

Mobility needs for the Municipality of Port Hope continue to evolve in parallel with customer expectations, corporate direction and Provincial legislative requirements.  An accessibility presence remains a priority in the delivery of services in Port Hope.

There is a commitment in Port Hope  to develop an overall system to facilitate accessibility that includes but is not limited to: increased service levels, facility access, improved pedestrian connections, improved transit facilities, signage, access to information and effective operational programs and policies.

Review the Multi-year Accessibility Plan 

For a copy of the Accessibility Plan in an alternative format, please contact us by phone at 905-885-2431 or email.