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The Municipality of Port Hope provides Financial Reports, Presentations and Audited Financial Statements from previous years for your convenience and review. For a copy of the following documents please contact us by phone at 905-885-4544 or by email.

Financial Reports

  • 2020 Water System Financial Plan
  • 2013 Strategic Financial Plan
  • 2019 Parkland Cash in Lieu
  • 2018 Parkland Cash in Lieu
  • 2016 and 2017 Parkland Cash in Lieu
  • 2019 Building Permit Fees
  • 2018 Building Permit Fees

Financial Presentations

  • 2020 Long Term Debentures
  • 2020 Property Tax Receivables
  • 2020 Post Retirement Benefit Obligation
  • 2020 Asset Management and Capital Funding Progress Update
  • 2018 Water and Wastewater Utility Financial Update

Audited Financial Statements

For copies of Audited Financial Statements please email us or call 905-885-4544.

Salary Disclosure

You can view our Salary Disclosure on the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing website. Search the “Municipality of Port Hope” in the most recent Salary Disclosure table.

Development Charges

Please see our Development Charges page for more information.

Asset Management Plan

Please see our Asset Management Plan page for more information.

Water and Wastewater Study

Please see our Water and Wastewater page for more information about our Water and Wastewater Study.