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A salvage yard licence is required for any establishment where salvaged articles are stored and sold for resale. Salvage articles are  motor vehicles and parts, old metal, farm implements and parts, and other related scrap materials. A salvage business includes any place where motor vehicles and farm implements are wrecked or disassembled and resold, a place where other scrap materials and salvage are collected to be sorted, and stored for sale or resale.


 Salvage License Requirements

In order to obtain a License, the applicant must provide the following:
  • A completed application; 
  • Application fee;
  • Written confirmation that the applicant is the current registered owner of the property subject to the application, or if a tenant, written confirmation from the current owner agreeing to the application;
  • A description of the salvage in which the applicant proposes to deal;
  • Sketch or site drawing of the site including the dimensions of the premises in respect of which the license if applied for, the location of and description of all roads within two hundred feet of the premises and the boundaries of all parcels of land adjacent to the premises or within five hundred feet thereof, and indicating what part of the premises is within 0.80 kilometer of any part of a Provincial or County Road;
  • Receive a report with respect to the application from the  Chief Building Official in consultation with Municipal Staff, and any other official determined by the Clerk. 

 Prior to the issuance of a Salvage Business license the applicant must:

  • Meet all requirements as set out in the Ontario Fire Code as amended from time to time and the license shall not be approved or issued until any or all deficiencies with respect to the requirements as set out in the Ontario Fire Code have been brought into compliance to the satisfaction in writing by the Director of Fire and Emergency Services for the Municipality of Port Hope or his/her designate. 
  • Erect and maintain a solid board fence or any other compatible solid fence having a height of at least 1.5 meters or equivalent screening to the satisfaction of the Chief Building Official which shall follow the contours of the surface of the ground along the perimeter of the lot or portion thereof to be used for the purpose of the Salvage Business.  All openings shall be filled by a gate or door of the same construction as the fence and any such gate or door shall be kept closed when the salvage business in not open. Such fence shall be maintained in good repair as long as the operation of the Salvage Business is carried on.  No signs or posters shall be affixed to the fence or paintings applied thereon except a reasonable sign announcing the name of the business and the business address.  

 How to Apply and Fees

How to apply

Currently by appointment only at Townhall, 56 Queen Street, Port Hope or you may complete an online application form.

Approximate cost

  • $200+hst (Prescribed Fees & Charges By-law)
This license is non-transferable and expires annually on December 31. 

For a copy of By-law 51/2008 - license, regulate and govern salvage businesses within the Municipality of Port Hope , please call 905-885-4544 or email us.