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Your development project may require certain planning applications or permits. Our knowledgeable staff can help to guide you through the planning and development process.  

Before you submit an application...

You may be required to attend a pre-consultation meeting with staff members from the Planning Division and other agencies. There is a fee for pre-consultation meetings which can be found on the Fees and Charges page under 'Other Fees'.

The purpose of the pre-consultation meeting is to ensure that both the applicant and the Municipality have a clear understanding of the purpose of the proposed application, the type of application required and, where necessary, the appropriate studies, information and materials to support the proposed application.

Pre-consultation also provides Applicants an opportunity to gain an understanding of the planning process in the Municipality.

Consult with Planning staff to determine whether you will be required to attend a pre-consultation meeting.

Pre-Consultation Meeting Form

Application Fees

The fees for each application can be viewed on the Fees and Charges page.

Application forms

If you require a paper copy of any of the applications, contact Planning.

Planning Review - Accessory Structure

Prior to applying for a building permit, planning is required to review your proposal. There is no fee for the planning review of accessory structures.

An accessory structure is any detached structure/building that is not the main building on the property. Some examples of an accessory structure are a shed, detached garage, barn or pool. 

Planning Review Accessory Structure

 Planning Review - Deck or Porch

Prior to applying for a building permit, planning is required to review your proposal. There is no fee for the planning review of a deck or porch.

A deck is defined as an uncovered and unenclosed structure that is accessory to a residential use and used as an outdoor living area, with a foundation holding it erect and a floor that is above finished grade and does not include a landing or a stair. A porch is defined as a structure with a roof and at least one side that is open and unenclosed, that is accessed by stairs from grade and which provides access to the first storey of a dwelling unit

Planning Review Deck or Porch

 Planning Review - Main Structure

Prior to applying for a building permit, planning is required to review your proposal. There is no fee for the planning review of a main structure. This form is required when applying for an addition to a main structure or for new builds. Note: a Site Plan application may be required after submission of the planning review form.

Planning Review Main Structure

 Site Plan Application

Site Plan Approval is a planning review process that examines the physical arrangement of development within the Municipality. By-law 26-2008 sets out the limits of Site Plan Control in the Municipality of Port Hope. Municipal staff and commenting agencies examine the technical and design aspects of a proposed development to ensure they comply with applicable development standards, regulations, and policies.

Once the proposed development has been reviewed by all applicable stakeholders, a Site Plan Agreement is registered between the owner, any mortgagees, and the Municipality. This legal agreement, describing the manner in which a property is developed and maintained after construction, is registered on title at the Registry Office.

Refer to the Site Plan Flowchart for a helpful visual of the Site Plan Application process.

Site Plan Application

 Zoning By-law Amendment

A Zoning By-law Amendment is required for existing or proposed development which does not comply with the policies or regulations contained in the current Zoning By-law.

Zoning By-law Amendment Application

 Official Plan Amendment

An Official Plan Amendment is required when an existing or proposed development does not comply with the policies or regulations contained in the Official Plan. An Official Plan amendment is a public process which is processed in accordance with the Planning Act.

Official Plan Amendment Application

Removal of 'H' - Holding Provision

Required where a Zoning By-law Zone symbol is followed by a set of brackets, a letter 'H' and a number contained within the brackets. For example, in zone symbol RES4(H1), the symbol refers to a Holding Provision that applies to the lands noted.  No person shall use or permit the land to which the Hold applies for any use other than the use which legally existed on the date the By-law applying the Holding Provision came into effect or the use(s) permitted in the By-law enacting the Hold, or expand or replace an existing building or structure as the case may be, until the Hold "(H)" is removed in accordance with the policies of the Official Plan and Section 36 of the Planning Act, R.S.O. 1990, c.P.13, as amended.

Removal of 'H' - Holding Provision

 Consent Application

A Consent Application is required to be heard by the Committee of Adjustment regarding land transactions for the separation of a parcel of land from existing land holdings i.e. creation of a new parcel of land; boundary adjustments / lot addition; easements or correction of title; leases, rights-of-ways or easements if such extend beyond a period of 21 years and to partially mortgage or partially discharge a mortgage on a parcel of land under the provisions of the Planning Act.

Consent Application 

 Minor Variance Application

As per Section 45 of the Planning Act, the Committee of Adjustment is permitted to make decisions on Minor Variances that do not comply with the regulations contained in the current Zoning By-law and to grant permission for altering or changing a lawful non-conforming use of land, buildings or structures.

Minor Variance Application 

Heritage Approvals Permit

If you want to make changes to a designated property, you will be required to submit a Heritage Approvals Application under the Ontario Heritage Act. Visit our Heritage Permits page for more information.

Heritage Approval Application

Plan of Subdivision or Condominium Description

Required for a plan of subdivision or condominium for which multiple lots or blocks are created from an existing property. An approved plan of subdivision or condominium is required under the Planning Act for the lots or blocks to be sold separately, and a registered plan will outline the details as to how those lots or blocks can be developed.

Plan of Subdivision or Condominium Description