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The Municipality of Port Hope Official Plan outlines our strategic land-use plans for the future.

Official Plan General Information

Municipal Official Plan

The purpose of this Official Plan is to provide a framework for the physical development of the Municipality over a 20-year period, while taking into consideration important social, economic and environmental matters.

Official Plan applies to the entire Municipality of Port Hope and provides the policy framework that will direct:

  • where new development can locate;
  • how existing urban areas and hamlets will be strengthened;
  • how the rural area and agricultural base will be strengthened;
  • how the natural environment, including the Oak Ridges Moraine will be protected; and
  • the planning of services, such as roads, watermains, sewers, parks, trails and recreation facilities.

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Municipal Official Plan

Official Plan Schedules

The Official Plan schedules provide a graphic representation of the information described in the policies. The schedules are intended to enhance an understanding of the Plan.

 Structure and Intensification Areas

Schedule A - Settlement Structure

Schedule A1 - Intensification Areas

Development Constraints

Schedule B - Development Constraints

Schedule B1 - Development Constraints Urban Area Details

Schedule B2 - Development Constraints Natural Hazards

Schedule B3 - Drinking Water Source Protection Vulnerable Areas

Land Use

Land Use schedules provide detailed policies related to the organization and land uses of all the land within the Municipality.

Schedule C - Land Use

Schedule C1 - Land Use Urban Area Detail


Schedule D - Transportation System

Schedule D1 - Transportation System Urban Area Detail

Community Character

Schedule E - Community Character

Oak Ridges Moraine (ORM)

Schedule F - Oak Ridges Moraine Land Use

Schedule G - Oak Ridges Moraine Key Natural Heritage Features

Schedule H - Oak Ridges Moraine Hydrological Sensitive Features & High Aquifer Vulnerability

Schedule I - Oak Ridges Moraine Landform Conservation Areas

Schedule J - Oak Ridges Moraine Mineral Aggregate

Citizen's Guide to Land Use Planning

The Citizen's Guide to Land Use Planning was developed by the Government of Ontario to provide property owners with helpful information about the legislation surrounding land use planning.

Official Plan Amendment Application Process

An Official Plan Amendment is required when an existing or proposed development does not comply with the policies or regulations contained in the Official Plan. An Official Plan amendment is a public process which is processed in accordance with the Planning Act.

Refer to the Zoning By-law/Official Plan Amendment Flowchart for a helpful visual of the application process.

Step 1: Pre-Consultation Meeting

The purpose of the pre-consultation meeting is to ensure that both the applicant and the Municipality have a clear understanding of the purpose of the proposed application, the type of application required and, where necessary, the appropriate studies, information and materials to support the proposed application.  Pre-consultation also provides Applicants an opportunity to gain an understanding of the planning process in the Municipality. 

Planning will schedule the meeting once the pre-consultation form has been completed. The fee for pre-consultation meetings can be found on the Fees and Charges page under 'Other Fees'.

Pre-Consultation Meeting Form

Step 2: Submit Application and Fee

The application will not be accepted until the fee has been paid. The fees for the application can be viewed on the Fees and Charges page under 'Official Plan Amendment Fees'. Fees are accepted via debit, cash or cheques made payable to the Municipality of Port Hope. At this time we do not have an online payment option.

Official Plan Amendment Application

Step 3: Application Review

Planning reviews the application for completeness and follows-up with the applicant. A complete application proceeds to the next step, an incomplete application is held until the applicant provides the information requested by planning.

Step 4: Complete Application Presented to Council

Planning submits a report to Council with the details of the application at which time the public is also made aware of the application.

Step 5: Application Circulation

The application is circulated for comment to a list of agencies and the public. The applicant is provided with all of the comments received.

Step 6: Public Meeting

Planning submits a report to Council recommending a date to hold a public meeting. Once the public meeting date is confirmed, Planning will notify the agencies and residents of the meeting date, time and location.

Step 7: Application Revision

 The applicant may be required to revise the application based on the outcome of the public meeting and comments received. The application is re-circulated, further revisions can be made and finalized.

Step 8: Planning Recommendation to Council

Planning submits a report to the Committee of the Whole recommending that the application either be approved or denied.

Step 9: Council Decision and Appeal Period

Council makes a decision to approve or deny the application. The applicant or members of the public have the opportunity to appeal the decision within 15 days. If an appeal(s) is received, the application is reviewed by the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal and a decision is made. If no appeals are received, the applications moves on to the next step.

Step 10: By-law Passed

 The final step of the Official Plan Amendment process is that a By-law is passed by Council to amend the Official Plan so that the proposed development can move forward.