Aerial photo of Walton Street in Port Hope

The Municipality of Port Hope welcomes the film industry to enjoy our many assets and our quality of life. We support the use of facilities by commercial and non-commercial film companies and photographers for moving and still photography. All filming should have regard for the rights, safety and privacy of the citizens and businesses of Port Hope and for the security and preservation of their properties.

Aerial view of Port Hope looking out to the rural area

With a generous balance of rolling countryside and small town charm, Port Hope features a range of stunning film location options.

  • The Heritage Business Improvement Area provides a backdrop that can be dressed for period pieces or present day
  • Outside of the town proper are many rural properties that are ideal for an agricultural set location
  • Throughout Port Hope, there are many designated heritage homes that may be requested for use from the property owners
St. Lawrence buildings in Port Hope

The look and feel of Port Hope has a distinct 19th century aesthetic with preserved historic features and buildings.

  • Public buildings and facilities are available for use for filming 
  • With over 200 designated heritage homes in Port Hope, there are many opportunities to find residential locations 
  • The Heritage Business Improvement Area is known as the best-preserved main street in Ontario 
Bedding and pillows

There are a variety of amenities available to cast and crew over the duration of filming.

  • Comfortable accommodations to reduce travel costs for longer production durations
  • Delicious variety of local food, both for takeaway and for dine in
  • Professional services and products to assist in film requirements such as general contractors, security, extras, etc.
Film real and film marker
Local Film Support

The business community provides a a wide range of professional products and services that are available to the film company.

  • Local contractors, security, extras, and other professional services are available for hire if needed
  • Many food providers are available to provide catered lunches for cast and crew
  • Facility rentals are available for use if space is needed for costume dressing, lunch, waiting spaces, etc.