Tents at a market with tables selling their goods

Hawkers and Peddlers are mobile sales people who go from place to place or to a particular place for a temporary period with goods, wares, or merchandise for sale. 

Hawkers and Peddlers Licence application process

Every hawker and peddler must obtain a licence before selling or offering goods within The Municipality of Port Hope. Here are the steps to take when applying for your licence:  

  • Provide a statement in writing with the complete and full description of the goods, wares and/or merchandise the hawker and peddler proposes to sell or offer for sale in The Municipality of Port Hope;
  • Pay a licence fee
  • Submit a written letter of permission by the property owner of which the peddler and hawker will be located on to sell goods, wares and/or merchandise from the site;
  • Obtain a report from from the Municipality's Planning Manager, in the case of the hawker and peddler operating from a particular place, indicating compliance with all applicable provisions of the Municipality's Zoning By-law, including, but not limited to land use, yard setbacks and sight triangle restrictions;
  • Any other documentation as deemed necessary by the Clerk.

Please contact Corporate Services Department for application requirements and fee details.

For a copy of By-law 43/2008 - Hawkers and Peddlers, please call 905-885-4544 or email us.