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Our Year by the Numbers:  2020 Parks, Recreation & Culture Annual Report to the Community

Bag of money icon

Grants, sponsorship and donations received for projects and events 

Icon of hand sanitizer and outstretched hand

of hand sanitizer purchased for recreation facilities

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RCAC members that participated in adapted programming

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participants that returned to programs since reopening in July

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virtual program/event opportunities provided in 2020

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1,365 hrs 

of facility rentals since reopening

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community organization's COVID-19 plans reviewed and approved

Noteworthy Happenings from 2020

Splash pad with fencing
New Splash pad

Installed at Wladyka Park which opened in August

Kinsmen Gazebo overlooking the Ganaraska River
Kinsmen Gazebo

Installed in Kinsmen Park, and was dedicated in Sept

Cenotaph in Memorial Park

Upgrades to allow for a fully accessible War Memorial

A couple playing pickleball outdoors
Pickleball Courts

Allowing enhanced outdoor opportunities at 3 parks

Interactive chalked sidewalks
Activity Options

June is Recreation & Parks Month, Community outreach

Person on laptop and phone browsing the new Port Hope website
New Website

Enhanced user experience for recreation

Interior photo of the Hub's kitchen
Facility Upgrades

LED lighting and Hub kitchen improvements 

Person paving with asphalt
Park Improvements

Cemetery paving and Town Park south gates

Mother and son voicing opinion with cupped hand
Long-term Plans

Community engagement - Leisure Services Master Plan

Timeline icons for covid - moving from closed state to another closed stateCOVID-19 Impacts and Timelines

Closed icon
March 13

Facilities close due to COVID-19 Pandemic

Icon of a computer
Early April

Delivery of virtual events and self guided activities commences

Icon of a tennis racket and ball
Early Spring

Opening of outdoor sports amenities

Pool icon
July 6

Aquatic reservations begin

Summer camp logo
July 13

Modified summer day camp begins

Open sign icon
September 13

Facilities reopen for programming, lessons and reservations

Closed icon
December 26

Facilities close again

 Additional COVID-19 Impacts
  • Significant department budget impacts including loss of revenue, some facility and staffing savings
  • Adjusting programming to meet community need and creating COVID program and facility protocols
  • Posting of outdoor signage, COVID communications and restrictions
  • Relocating seniors centre activities to Town Park Recreation Centre
  • Special Events- shift to virtual and adjusted event plans with increased emergency management
  • Testing Centre

Benefits of Recreation


Participants engage in an in-person course with masks

While COVID-19 may have taught us many things, one thing reinforced by our community need is that the access to parks and recreation is important. We believe that parks, recreation and cultural programs and opportunities aren't just a peripheral benefit. They are essential to the social, economic, and environmental health of our community. Access to parks, recreation and cultural programs promotes health, supports positive mental health, strengthens communities, and supports environmental sustainability.


 Why recreation has helped during the pandemic 

Recreation is Essential to Personal Health

  • Recreation helps people live longer, prolongs independent living for seniors - keeping seniors vital and involved in community life, significantly reduces the risk of health issues
  • Recreation and arts/culture contribute to mental health

Recreation is Key to Balanced Human Development

  • Recreation is essential to the development of our children and youth:
    We learn motor skills and social skills through play and sports
    We learn creativity through play and arts/cultural activities

Recreation is Essential to Quality of Life

  • Recreation and arts/culture build self-esteem and positive self-image and enhance perceived quality of life - for individuals, families and communities

Recreation Reduces Self-Destructive and Anti-Social Behaviour

  • Recreation, sports and arts/culture reduce self-destructive behaviour and negative activity in youth - an antidote to smoking, substance abuse, suicide and depression

Recreation Builds Strong Families and Healthy Communities

  • Families that play together, stay together
  • Recreation, sports and arts/culture produce leaders who serve their communities in many ways
  • Recreation, sports and arts/culture build social skills and stimulate participation in community life
  • Arts/culture helps people understand their neighbours, their history and their environment
  • Recreation and arts/culture build pride in a community

Recreation and Parks have Significant Economic impacts in the Community

  • Recreation and fitness improve work performance - increase productivity, decrease absenteeism, decrease staff turnover and reduce "on the job" accidents
  • Recreation and arts/culture attract businesses to the community - prime economic development and relocation magnets
  • Recreation, sports and arts/culture draw tourism - the third largest and one of the fastest growing industries in the world

Parks, Open Space and Natural Areas are Essential to Ecological Survival

  • Green space protects habitats, biodiversity and ecological integrity, and improve air quality
  • Outdoor recreation is one of the best approaches to environmental education - a key to long-term sustainability
  • Trail and pathway systems save energy and protect air quality by encouraging non-motorized transportation


“I feel comfortable being in the facility, staff are constantly cleaning, being careful and considerate.”- JBSC patron

“Our daughter has had an amazing time at camp.  She has loved doing all the crafts and is happy to be seeing friends her age.  The camp leaders are super friendly and positive.  I asked Hannah on a scale of 1 to 10 how much she would want to join again, and she has said 1 million! We are very comfortable leaving her at this camp.” - Day Camp parent

“This is wonderful and thoughtful!  Thank you for brightening up our Town’s sidewalks!” -Facebook user

“I am so pleased that the pool is open again!  I love how organized and helpful everyone is.  I feel safe when I come into swim. It is nice to have something to do that resembles normalcy. Exercise is important for everyone’s mental health”- Pool user

"I want to say how wonderful you all are in keeping our pool open, clean and safe for all. I need the water so much... You do such a great job, it is the one place I feel safe and as you know it’s a second home to me there. Huge Thank You" - Pool user

2021 Objectives

  • Continue to offer adjusted program options- Online, live, self-guided and in-person
  • Support cultural and event organizers through networking and training opportunities
  • Complete a Community review of the Cultural Plan
  • Adapting Canada Day, Arts Festival and Candlelight Festival to suit covid regulations
  • Enhanced Tree Planting
  • Construct a new accessible playground at Wladyka Park
  • Continue to complete next steps for the construction of a new Seniors Centre
  • Support community art through the development of a public art toolkit
  • Complete and plan for implementation of the Leisure Services Master Plan