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Residents in every Municipality are required to pay municipal property taxes. Property taxes collected in the Municipality of Port Hope provide for your local services such as local road repair, snow clearing, fire services, and much more.

For your 2021 income tax purposes please keep the top half of your 2021 final property tax bill.

Learn about the Municipality of Port Hope’s property tax due dates and the various ways that you can pay your taxes. For more information about your property taxes, contact us by phone at 905-885-4544 or by email. For Income Tax purposes please refer to your final property tax bill.

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Property Tax Due Dates

February 24, 2022 - Interim Levy First Installment
April 27, 2022 - Interim Levy Second Installment
June TBD - Final Levy First Installment
September TBD - Final Levy Second Installment

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Paying Your Property Taxes

There are various ways that you can pay your property taxes in the Municipality of Port Hope. Learn how to make a payment and the payment options we have available for you.

 Due date extensions for Port Hope farmland owners

As a Port Hope farmland owner, you can pay your property taxes until October 21 of the current year without penalty and interest on any outstanding property taxes. For a copy of the deferral of property tax payments By-law 12/2006 please contact us by phone at 905-885-4544 or by email

 Supplemental tax bill due dates

You will receive a supplementary tax bill if you have purchased a newly built home or constructed home improvements. Please visit our assessments page to learn more about supplementary tax bills.
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Tax Rates

Learn more about tax rates and calculate property taxes using your property assessment.

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Tax Rebates

We offer many tax rebates to eligible Port Hope applicants who may be looking for property tax relief.

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Property Assessments

Learn more about property assessments and your property profile.

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Tax Sales

Our Tax Sale tenders will be posted on our Bids and Tenders webpage once available.

Tax Related Fees and Charges
Service Charges     Cost
Tax Certificate      $40.00
Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) cheque or returned payment      $30.00

Unofficial Statement of Property Tax/Reprint of Tax Bill  

**The first reprint of the current year Tax Bill is free

Farm Debt Notice      $50.00 per notice
Tax Sale Administration      Actual costs incurred
Interest on tax accounts will be applied as per the Interim Tax Levy and Levy By-laws. Please refer to the latest Interim Tax Levy and Levy By-laws

Change your mailing address

You can change your mailing address by completing our mailing address change form. Please send us your form by one of the following:

  • Download your form, select print at the top right of your screen, complete the fields, and mail to Town Hall 56 Queen Street, Port Hope Ontario, L1A 3Z9
  • Download your form, select print at the top right of your screen, complete the fields, and fax it to 905-885-1807 

Please note: If you do not get a Property Tax Notice, this does not remove your responsibility for paying property tax penalty. Please ensure the Finance Department has your correct mailing address.

Direction of school support

Your property taxes support the Municipality’s English Public School board by default. The type of school support that you are supporting can be found either on your property assessment notice that you receive from MPAC, or on your property tax bill.

You can change your school support if you meet the criteria. The types of school support include:

  • English public
  • French public
  • English separate (Catholic)
  • French separate (Catholic)
  • Protestant separate (Penetanguishene only)

If you would like to change the direction of your school support you will need to complete the Change Direction of School Support application. For a copy of the application please contact us by phone at 905-885-4544 or by email

Please submit your application to us by one of the following: 

Once you submit your completed application to the finance department, staff will send this to MPAC to process and will be reflected on your next property tax bill.

We collect school support within your property taxes on behalf of Northumberland County and the School Boards.