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The Building Code Act requires anyone, by law, to obtain a building permit to: (1) make material alterations, additions or repairs to a building; (2) construct any new building or structure on their property; (3) install new plumbing; (4) install a fireplace or woodstove; (5) to demolish any building or part thereof; (6) renovate or convert an existing building and (7) to install any type of swimming pool. Building Permit Applications are available at the Building Office at  the Municipal Development Team Office, 5 Mill Street South. If you are not sure if a permit is required or if you have any questions, please contact the Building Office.

Schedules are available at the Town Hall at 56 Queen Street, the Municipal Development Team Office at 5 Mill Street South or from the Bus Driver. Tickets can be pre-purchased at both Town Hall and the Municipal Development Team Office.

CALL BEFORE YOU DIG Contact Building Services before starting any work on private or public property (ie Municipal property) and before any excavation or service installations i.e. natural gas, water, TV cable, driveway construction, etc.   Ontario now has a one-call number to locate most services. Contact Ontario One Call, 1.800.400.2255 to request locates.  It's free!  In addition, monitoring of soil conditions by the Construction Monitoring Program is required PRIOR to any excavating, at no cost to the homeowner; contact the Building Office for more information.

The Municipality of Port Hope administers a voucher program on behalf of the Veterinary Association, offering discounted pricing for a Spay ($100+HST) and Neuter ($80+HST) procedures to those who receive government financial assistance.  To be eligible, residents must provide proof of one of the following:

  • Canada Pension Plan Disability Payment (CPP Disability)
  • Federal Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS)
  • Financial Assistance through the Ontario Works Program
  • Ontario Disability Support Payment (ODSP)

Dog tags are available for purchase at Town Hall (56 Queen Street) or the Canton Municipal Office (5325 County Road 10).  Dog tags are valid for one calendar year and are required for all dogs owned or in your possession (By-law 18-2014).  The set fine for an unlicensed dog is $75; and failure to affix a dog tag is $75.  The Municipality of Port Hope does offer early bird pricing for dog tags, please see below: 

Early Bird Pricing (November 1 to February 28) - $10 Fixed or $15 Natural

Regular Pricing (March 1 to October 30) - $15 Fixed or $20 Natural 

Heritage Incentive Programs support the restoration and preservation of our heritage buildings. Completed applications and required documentation must be filed prior to the commencement of proposed alterations. Information packages and application forms are available at Town Hall or download the forms here.

The Port Hope Branch of the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario (ACO) offers ACO Fund loans for approved projects on designated commercial or residential buildings in Port Hope. Applications are available at Town Hall. For more information contact the ACO at Box 563 Port Hope ON L1A 3Z4 or at

By-law #69/2006 prescribes standards for the maintenance and occupancy of property. Contact the Building Office for information.

By-law #17/2005 regulates signs and other advertising devices. Contact the Building Office for more information.

Donations for a tree dedication to beautify the Municipality can be made at Town Hall; a tax deductible receipt will be issued. Costs to supply and plant a tree vary depending on the species, availability, and time of year and do not include any type of plaque or marker. For more information contact Parks, Recreation Culture.

The County of Northumberland is responsible for all garbage, recycling and leaf and yard waste pick up within the Urban Area of the Municipality of Port Hope. For information on garbage, recycling and leaf and yard waste pick up, please call the County Waste Management Office at 1.866.293.8379 or visit

Recyclables must be placed loose in clear blue or clear bag or blue box. Cardboard must be flat and tied in 30" x 30" x10" bundles.

Garbage must be placed in a bag (max. 75 cm x 95 cm (30" x 38") max. weight 18kg/40lbs.) or garbage can (max. size 77 litres). All garbage bags must have a garbage tag (77 litre cans require 2 tags), available for purchase ($2.75 each) at Town Hall and Canton Municipal Office.

Urban Area curb-side pickup is limited to 3 bags of garbage per week for residential homes and 3 bags per unit for apartment buildings with 6 or fewer units.

Rural Area residents are required to use the Hope Transfer Station in Canton for household garbage/recyclables (no limit on the number of bags) Hope Transfer station is open Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday 9 am to 5 pm; Wednesday 11-7pm (closed Thursday and Sunday).

Bulky Waste

Residents may take bulky waste items to the Bewdley Transfer Station. For information on free bulky waste vouchers please contact the County Waste Management Office  at 1.866.293.8379.

Hazardous Waste

Household Hazardous Waste Depot is located at the Bewdley Transfer Station on the north side of County Rd #9, between #28 and #18.

Noxious weeds - A noxious weed includes a plant that has been listed in the Schedule of Noxious Weeds found in Regulation 1096 made under the Weed Control Act. This list is commonly referred to as the "Noxious Weed List".  Please refer to the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs website for more information including a complete list of Noxious Weeds as defined by the Regulation 1096.  Noxious weeds (including but not limited to Dog-Strangling Vine, Ragweed, Poison Ivy, Giant Hogweed and Wild Parsnip) must be destroyed by June 1st of each and every year by the property owner, and throughout the season. The Municipality may enter upon non-compliant lands to destroy noxious weeds or weed seeds, charging the costs against the land owner in taxes as set out in the Act. Dandelions, Burdock and Goldenrod are not considered noxious weeds under the Weed Control Act. Inquiries may be made to the Works & Engineering Department at 5 Mill Street South, or 905-885-2431.

Urban Area Snow Routes - No Parking zones are in effect December 1 to March 15. Designated streets are signed and a listing is available at the Works & Engineering Office at 5 Mill Street South. Sidewalks must be cleared of snow and/or ice by owners or residents in all areas following any significant snowfall. Ice and/or snow build-up on roofs under certain conditions during winter months create a hazard for sidewalk pedestrians and motorists. To warn pedestrians of the danger of overhead ice and/or snow, contact the Municipality to obtain temporary construction barriers.

Obtaining barriers is possibly not enough to prevent you from the embarrassment and cost of legal action which could be brought against you. If ice does build up you should contact a reputable contractor to ascertain whether they have the equipment and expertise to safely remove hazardous ice and snow overhang and install measures to prevent further build-up.