Municipal Development Guide


Port Hope's Municipal Development Guide is intended to provide a framework for development applications from the pre-consultation stage through to the construction phases of development.   NOTE:  The Development Guide is in the process of being revised.  Stay tuned for a revised Guide.

The guide is applicable to those applications that relate to new, or expanding multi-residential, institutional, commercial and industrial developments in accordance with the Municipality of Port Hope requirements, inclusive of:

  • Official Plan Amendments;
  • Zoning By-law Amendments;
  • Plans of Subdivision; and
  • Site Plan Control Approval.

List of Appendices for Municipal Development Guide

Appendix A - Pre-Consultation Meeting Checklist Form
Appendix B - Zoning By-law / Official Plan Amendment Application Form
Appendix C - Site Plan Application Form
Appendix D - Subdivision Application Form
Appendix E - Backflow Prevention Guide
Appendix F - Technical and Engineering Guidelines for Stormwater Management Submissions
Appendix G - Total Development Costs Schedule
Appendix H - Public Works User Fee Application Form
Appendix I - Building Fee Schedule
Appendix J - Development Charges Guidelines 2015
Appendix K - March 2015 MDT Customer Service Survey

*forms and fees may change without notice 

For more information on development in the Municipality of Port Hope contact our Municipal Development Team Office at 905-885-2431 or by email at