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"Accessibility is not a privilege, it is a right"

The Municipality of Port Hope and Port Hope Accessibility Advisory Committee work together to promote accessibility awareness and remove barriers preventing persons with a disability from full participation in our community. 

We are pleased to provide a variety of information accessibility legislation, support groups/organizations, and resources and we welcome your comments or suggestions regarding accessibility in the Municipality of Port Hope.

How can we help you?

Your concerns are important to us. We can assist by addressing issues with those who can help. The Ontario Government, our Mayor and Council are committed to ensuring that everyone in the Municipality of Port Hope enjoys equal opportunity, and has the opportunity to fully participate in the life of our community.

How can you help us?

If you are experiencing challenges with accessibility in Port Hope, let us know. If you know of a positive change that has made accessibility easier, we would like to acknowledge it and let others know too.

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Accessible Businesses in Port Hope

Breaking the Barrier

As part of a comprehensive public education program to create awareness of persons with disabilities in our community, the Accessibility Advisory Committee acknowledges business owners in the Municipality that have demonstrated an effort to meet or exceed Building Code requirements to make their premises accessible to all patrons.

The "Breaking the Barrier" plaque is presented by the Mayor at a televised Council meeting and proudly displayed at each business location.   Click here for a list of businesses receiving the "Breaking the Barrier" Plaque.

Accessibility Training

Under the new AODA and ODA legislation, service providers and vendors are required to be in compliance by 2012. However, if a vendor or service provider is delivering a service on behalf of the Municipality of Port Hope, they must be compliant by January 1, 2010.

Examples of Customer Service Accessibility training are provided below. Vendors and service providers are not obligated to use these particular resources, but must track their employee training and may be asked to produce records of completed training.

accessibility Resources

Accessibility Advisory Committee

Directory of Accessibility Services in Northumberland County 2016


Community Initiatives and Support Resources

Multi-Year Accessibility Plan

As one of the requirements of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act 2005 (AODA), the Municipality of Port Hope prepares a Multi-Year Accessibility Plan. This Plan sets out the steps the Municipality will take:

  • to work toward removing existing barriers for persons with disabilities;
  • to plan for the prevention of new barriers, and 
  • to achieve compliance with the AODA regulations

2013-2017 MPH Accessibility Multi-Year Accessibility Plan (2014 Updated)

- Appendix A - Multi-Year Transit Plan (2014 Updated)