Birth & Death Registration


Birth Registration

For any births that take place before Monday July 27, 2009 send completed Statements of Live Birth to the Municipal Clerk's Office - Municipality of Port Hope, 56 Queen Street, Port Hope, L1A 3Z9. There is no fee to register the birth of a child in Port Hope and all births are to be registered within 30 days. Failure to do so could result in difficulties obtaining a birth certificate. For information on completing the Statement of Live birth, please contact the Municipal Clerk's Office 905.885.4544.

The fully electronic Newborn Registration Service is available across the province, all Ontario birthing hospitals and midwife practice groups will be able to submit the Notice of Live Birth form electronically to Service Ontario's office of the Registrar General. As a result the Municipality of Port Hope will no longer be involved in the live birth registration process. 

Birth Certificate Applications are available from the Town Hall, 56 Queen Street or in a printer friendly "PDF" format with the link below. All applications must be forwarded directly to the Office of the Registrar General in Thunder Bay (address provided on the reverse of the form). The Ministry of Consumer and Business Affairs has now imposed stricter guidelines on those applying for birth certificates. In order to obtain a birth certificate, applicants are now required to provide the signature of a guarantor. New revised birth certificate application forms are now available at all municipal offices. Section # 5 of the form must be filled out by a guarantor. There are very specific instructions and provisions about who is eligible to act as a guarantor. These provisions are included on the reverse side of the form.

For your convenience, you may apply for Birth Certificates on-line and track the progress of the application through the links below:

Online Birth Certificate application 

Online Tracking site

Paper Birth Certificate Application requiring mailing to the Province for processing


Death Certificates

Death Certificates maybe obtained by completing the printer-friendly form below. You may either send the form directly to the Ministry with the appropriate application fee for processing, or you may contact your local municipal licensing office to locate the processing office nearest you.

Death Certificates Application Form