Civic Awards


Established by Council in 1987, the Civic Awards program aims to recognize the contributions and achievements of individuals or groups that bring honour and enrichment to the Municipality of Port Hope.

2018 Award Recipients

Outstanding Youth: Madison Taylor

For a complete list of all the 2018 Civic Award Recipients: click here

The 2018 Port Hope Civic Awards Ceremony was held on April 25, 2019 in the Captitol Theatre. 

Nominations for the 2019 Civic Awards are not yet being accepted.

Please check back in Decemeber 2019 to obtain a 2019 Port Hope Civic Award nomination form.


The Civic Awards Program sets out to recognize the broad range of elements that make up Port Hope’s inspiring culture, by acknowledging those who contribute time, talent and resources towards improving the quality of life in the community.

The program celebrates nominees worthy of recognition for exceptional contributions and/or achievements bringing honour and/or enrichment to the Municipality of Port Hope.


  • To encourage and reward achievements and volunteerism within the Municipality.

  • Increase awareness about the Civic Awards program and recipient contributions and achievements.

  • To ensure awards are granted in a fair and consistent fashion even as Committee members change in order to help preserve the integrity of the Civic Awards Program over the long term.

  • To collaborate with Municipal staff and Council to host successful program, annually. By assisting staff to coordinate information sharing through existing newsletters, advertising, media releases and/or distributions.

  • To evaluate the Municipality’s recognition program once each Council term, asking for input from Civic Awards Advisory Committee volunteers who have contributed over the previous four (4) years. To review and recommend award categories and criteria for Council’s consideration.  


  • Outstanding Citizen Award
  • Outstanding Youth Award
  • Arts and Culture Award
  • Athletics
  • Community Service
  • Agricultural
  • Inspiration
  • Philanthropy
  • Environment

The Civic Awards program is designed to recognize volunteer efforts, exceptional contributions and/or achievements bringing honour and/or enrichment to the Municipality of Port Hope.  Only those whom have volunteered their time and service, and/or competed at an amateur level, and for which no remuneration or payment has been received will be eligible for a Port Hope Civic Award.

Nomination forms must be completely and accurately filled out. The Civic Awards Committee can only use the information provided in the nomination package to make an award recommendation. If a nomination is not to the satisfaction of the committee, the form may be disqualified, and the nomination rejected.

Nominees do not have to be resident of the Municipality or Port Hope, except for those nominees for the Outstanding Citizen and Outstanding Youth categories. Nominators are not required to be a resident of the Municipality of Port Hope.

More information about the Civic Awards Program, award categories, criteria and eligibility is available here: By-law 87/2017 Civic Awards Advisory Committee

The Civic Awards Committee is seeking civic-minded individuals to join the team. The Committee meets once a month through the year to manage the recognition program and host the annual awards ceremony on behalf of Council. Those interested in applying can do so here: