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The 2019 Civic Awards were presented at the first-ever virtual ceremony. The ceremony aired on TVCogeco on September 17 at 8:00 p.m., and is available below - watch this grand celebration of community. Established by Council in 1987, the Civic Awards program aims to recognize the contributions and achievements of individuals or groups that bring honour and enrichment to the Municipality of Port Hope.

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The 2019 Award recipients are listed below:

Outstanding Citizen

  • Karen O'Hara

Outstanding Youth

  • Spencer Watson


  • Burnham Farms Limited (Paul, Anne, and Mark Burnham)

Arts & Culture

  • The Breezeway Live (Stephen Francis, Greg Verner, Shane Verner, Fred Warner, Brenda Mills, Tiffaney Thompson, Lynn Gowland, Mark Taylor, John Francis Power, Don Mills and Jamie Rath)
  • Herb Jung
  • Critical Massive Adventure Organizing Committee (Ed Greenwood, Fiona Crangle, Shannon Gardiner, Ted Rouse, Madeleine    Sinnott, Kelly Kirkham, Brynley Longman, and Alex Kirkham-McGriskin)
  • Mary Lou Fallis and Ian Montagnes
  • Patsy Beeson
  • The Port Hope Barn Quilt Trail Leadership Team (Moya McPahil, Kathryn McHolm, Lois Richardson and Pamela Tate)


  • Charlotte Grimshaw
  • Abigail Teno

Community Service

  • John & Lynn Solinski 
  • Narine Dat Sookram
  • Janet Waddington
  • Don MacNeil
  • Al Wilson
  • Robert Trew
  • David Doherty
  • Barrileigh Adamson Price
  • Lori Stephenson-Brittain
  • Souper Sisters (Dorothy Potter, Celia Marus Crangle, Catherine Hublau-Rich, Carol Madden, Carol Irwin, Brenda Arrand, Betty Beharry Lall, Barbara Clarkson, Anne Harrison, Anna  Mae Garratt, Vicki Bobiash, Ursula Whalen, Sharon O'Leary, Sharon Cooksey, Phyllis Smith, Pearl Harris, Olive Climo, Melchora Mejorado, Joan Ashton, and Jennifer Willis)
  • Penny Nutbrown
  • Cameco Capitol Arts Centre Volunteers (Susanne Fennessey, Sue Stevens, Eleanor Vardy, Laura Andrews, Flo Rickerby, Judy Vivian, Judy Carrigan, Ron Baylis, Teryle Kidman, Doreen Rossi, Rhoda Bullen, Lynn Liddell, Janis Dilworth, Felicitas Hansen, Lynda Booker, Edward Godawa, Margaret Godawa, Rena Watson, Ann Shields and Selwyn Shields)
  • Northumberladn 89.7fm
  • Marlene Funster
  • Darlene and Teddy Taylor
  • Nita Das
  • Natasha Pinto
  • Jack Zhang
  • Justin Belanger
  • Victoria Wilson


  • Jennifer Mercer and Katie Traugott
  • Stacy Doherty


  • Coldest Night of the Year Leadership Team (Judy Hone and Phil Redford)
  • The Thirsty Goose (Cameron Green and Rejean Maranda)
  • Port Hope ACO and the Port Hope Heritage Foundation 

The Civic Awards Program sets out to recognize the broad range of elements that make up Port Hope’s inspiring culture, by acknowledging those who contribute time, talent and resources towards improving the quality of life in the community.

The Port Hope Civic Awards Program has the following nine available award categories: Outstanding Citizen, Outstanding Youth, Arts and Culture, Athletics, Community Service, Agriculture, Inspiration, Philanthropy, and Environment. Please carefully review the award criteria prior to submittting a nomination.

Complete Information about the Civic Awards Program, award categories, criteria and eligibility is available here: By-law 87/2017 Civic Awards Advisory Committee

Click the following tabs for an oveview of each award criteria:

Outstanding Citizen Award:
The Outstanding Citizen Award is presented to an individual in recognition of outstanding volunteer contributions in multiple areas within the community. 
The committee in selecting the recipient for the Outstanding Citizen award will consider: 

  • nominee's demonstration of civic mindedness 
  • benefits of their contributions to the community
  • impact and service as a role model 
  • length and diversity of service 
  • leadership 
  • nomination form submitted with Signature Sheet 

Outstanding Youth Award:
The Outstanding Youth Award is presented to an individual in recognition of outstanding achievements and volunteer contributions within their school and community. Recipient must be nineteen (19) years of age or less as of December 31st of the year for which the award is given. 
The committee in selecting the recipient for the Outstanding Youth Award will consider: 

  • nominee's demonstration of civic mindedness 
  • benefits of their contributions to the community 
  • impact and service as a role model 
  • length and diversity of service 
  • leadership 
  • nomination form submitted with Signature Sheet 

Agriculture Award:
The Agricultural Award is presented to the individual or group who is involved in a project that has had a considerable impact in the area of agriculture in the Municipality of Port Hope. 
The committee in selecting the recipient(s) for the Agricultural Award will consider: 

  • Degree of contribution in promoting agriculture in Port Hope 
  • Received an award in a provincial or higher agricultural competition during the year for which the Agricultural Award is presented 
  • Leadership and innovation within the agricultural community 
  • Involvement within the community volunteering, teaching, promoting, or encouraging sustainable agriculture within the Municipality of Port Hope.

Inspiration Award:
The Inspiration Award is presented to an individual who inspires those around them to serve more, to think bigger, who encourages action, is a strong source of support within the community, or pushes those around them to believe in themselves.   
The committee in selecting the recipient for the Inspiration Award will consider: 

  • Type and nature of the inspiration provided 
  • Number of people influenced 
  • Impact of their actions

Philanthropy Award:
The Philanthropy award is to be awarded to an individual, couple or group for their outstanding desire to promote the welfare of others through the generous donation of money, goods, talent or services. 
The committee in selecting the recipient for the Philanthropy Award will consider: 

  • The degree of benefits to the residents within the Municipality of Port Hope as a result of philanthropic contribution 
  • Leadership role in fundraising and the encouragement of other to give generously 

Environment Award:
The Environment Award is to be awarded to a person or group for outstanding leadership, inspiration, vision, innovation or action on behalf of environmental causes. 
The committee in selecting the recipient for the Environment Award will consider: 

  • Completed a local fundraising campaign to benefit a local environmental project 
  • Raised awareness for environmental issues (including media coverage) 
  • Provided a benefit to the environment through increased conservation, through restoration of natural habitat, in the use of environmentally sound practices in construction or operations.

Arts & Culture Award:
The Arts and Culture Award is to be awarded to an individual or groups for promotion or high achievement in the Arts and/or significant cultural contributions to the community. 
The committee in selecting recipients will consider: 

  • High achievements in the arts
  • Their contribution to artistic excellence within the community
  • Their leadership in teaching, encouraging, and engaging the public in cultural or artistic projects
  • Projects that enhance the vitality and vibrancy of Port Hope

Athletic Award:
The Athletics Award is designed to recognize individuals or teams who have excelled within their particular sport. 
Awarded to a team or individual that has met one or more of the following criteria: 

  • Placed first, second or third in a national championship 
  • Placed first, second or third in a provincial championship
  • Has been chosen to represent Ontario in a national competition 
  • Has been chosen to represent Canada in an international competition 

Community Service Award: 
The Community Service award recognizes individuals or groups who positively impact the Municipality of Port Hope through their volunteerism by enhancing quality of life for others. 
The committee in selecting recipients will consider: 

  • Demonstrable impact on the community in the service of making Port Hope a better place to live.
  • Multiple areas of volunteerism 
  • Project leadership Length of service  
  • Volunteers who have volunteered solely for a one-day will not be considered for this award.

The Civic Awards program is designed to recognize volunteer efforts, exceptional contributions and/or achievements bringing honour and/or enrichment to the Municipality of Port Hope.  Only those whom have volunteered their time and service, and/or competed at an amateur level, and for which no remuneration or payment has been received will be eligible for a Port Hope Civic Award.

Nomination forms must be completely and accurately filled out. The Civic Awards Committee can only use the information provided in the nomination package to make an award recommendation. If a nomination is not to the satisfaction of the committee, the form may be disqualified, and the nomination rejected.

Nominators are required to provide a detailed submission clearly stating why they believe the nominee should be considered. These details should include, but not limited to, organization they volunteered for, length of service, projects they were involved with, leadership roles, the impact their role had on the community, and the level of commitment shown by the nominee. Self-nominations will not be accepted.

Previous recipients will be eligible for consideration if:

  • their achievement is in a different area than they were previously nominated for
  • five (5) years have passed since their last award for the same achievement
  • if in the same category, they have significantly exceeded their previous achievement.

Nominees do not have to be resident of the Municipality or Port Hope, except for those nominees for the Outstanding Citizen and Outstanding Youth categories. Nominators are not required to be a resident of the Municipality of Port Hope.


  • To encourage and reward achievements and volunteerism within the Municipality.

  • Increase awareness about the Civic Awards program and recipient contributions and achievements.

  • To ensure awards are granted in a fair and consistent fashion even as Committee members change in order to help preserve the integrity of the Civic Awards Program over the long term.

  • To collaborate with Municipal staff and Council to host successful program, annually.

  • To evaluate the Municipality’s recognition program once each Council term.

The Civic Awards Committee is seeking civic-minded individuals to join the team. The Committee meets once a month through the year to manage the recognition program and host the annual awards ceremony on behalf of Council. Those interested in applying can do so here: