Parks, Recreation & Culture Master Plans


Leisure Services Master Plan

Port Hope prides itself on leisure opportunities that appeal to a wide range of interests and abilities. Our community partnerships, forward‚Äźthinking approach to service delivery, commitment to accessibility, and designation as a Youth Friendly Community are key elements of our high-quality programs. Our Leisure Master Plan is designed to meet the highest priority needs of Port Hope residents with a long-term vision for the delivery of parks, recreation, and cultural services that reflects the diversity of our community.

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Age-Friendly Community Action Plan

With a focus on aging well in Port Hope, the Age-Friendly Community Action Plan highlights recommendations across 8 areas of focus in supporting positive aging in our Community.

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Active Transportation Master Plan

Port Hope’s Active Transportation Master Plan focuses on the value of promoting active transportation, trail development and utilization to create a liveable and sustainable community today and for years to come. The plan provides the necessary framework to develop and manage a more physically active transportation community in a cost effective manner that will connect, integrate, enhance and expand on our existing facilities.

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Cultural Plan

Our Cultural Plan outlines a vision for cultivating the growth of Port Hope’s unique and broad range of cultural assets. The plan reflects current community needs and future aspirations and is intended to provide a framework for fostering creativity and increasing cultural participation. The plan leverages resources while exploring new potential for growth for the next twenty years.

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As one outcome of the Cultural Plan, the Municipality is developing a Cultural ToolKit, which outlines Cultural activities and tools for planning in Port Hope. Click here to go to the online Cultural ToolKit.

If you have suggestions of items to add to the ToolKit or have questions please contact


Seniors Facility Study

Port Hope's Seniors Facility Study is part of a cultural planning process and joint facility feasibility study completed in 2012. Building on the recommendations of the Port Hope Cultural Plan (2010), the study examines the feasiblity and viability of a joint cultural/seniors centre.

Download the Seniors Facility Study


Port Hope Marina Business Plan

Download the Port Hope Marina Business Plan