MEDIA RELEASE: Municipality of Port Hope Council Meeting December 3, 2019

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Municipality of Port Hope Council Meeting - December 3, 2019

For Immediate Release

Friday, December 6, 2019 - Port Hope, ON

Below is a summary of key items discussed at the Municipality of Port Hope regular Council Meeting held on Tuesday, December 3, 2019. The full agenda and staff reports are available on the Council Portal.

Ongoing Updates Related to the Port Hope Area Initiative (PHAI) Project
At the meeting the Mayor advised that Council is anticipating an increase in regular updates from the Municipal Project Staff (MPS) Team Lead about the Port Hope Area Initiative (PHAI) project. It was noted that while construction efforts on the Project sites are intensifying, consistent updates about the Project will allow Council to remain up-to-date on the progress and more engaged in the process as a whole.

The Mayor noted that these meetings may be held in closed session, also known as “In-Camera,” meaning that they are not open to the public. This will occur if the subject of the meeting falls within one of the 14 exceptions set out in section 239 of the Municipal Act. These exceptions are topics that range in theme, and include: personal matters about identifiable individuals, the security of the property of the Municipality, litigation matters, education or training, acquisition or disposition of land, labour relations, and beyond.

If the subject matter falls within one of the stipulated exceptions to the open meeting requirements, it will be held as a closed session. However, in the interest of transparency, Council will opt to discuss matters openly in the public meeting, wherever possible.

As usual, the general nature of any closed meeting items will be posted on the regular Council agenda in advance of the meeting and, prior to the closed session, Council will pass a resolution identifying the general nature of the subject matter. Any non-confidential discussions will be identified publicly in open session following the closed session, but specific details about the meeting will not be disclosed.

Rose’s Cottage
Council authorized the execution of an Amending Agreement between Stephen Henderson of Henderson Construction and the Municipality of Port Hope for the continued temporary storage of Rose’s Cottage on Municipal Property known as King’s Field, located at 20 Victoria Street South, until December 31, 2019. However, it is anticipated that the building will be re-located by the owner on Tuesday, December 10.

Council also considered the owner’s request for the deferral of fees for the upfront payment of the performance guarantee deposit. The owner has already paid this deposit and had requested a refund of the fees until a later date. Council did not support this request by the owner.

Advisory Committee Appointment Policy
Council adopted the Advisory Committee Appointment Policy, which is intended to streamline the appointment and selection process for volunteer members of municipal Advisory Committees. The policy provides for appointments to take place transparently, in an open Council session, following an interview process to support the volunteer experience and Council’s mandate for each Advisory Committee. It also allows for committee representative training to take place at the beginning of the appointment term. Once recommendations regarding structure of Committees have been determined, appointment terms will be recommended for each member until December 30, 2023 (end of first year of new Council) or until their successors are appointed.

This policy is the first of several recommendations to come forward as part of a broader Comprehensive Advisory Committee Review, which was initiated in September 2019.

Memorial Park Cenotaph Beautification Project
After consideration of a Staff report at their Committee of the Whole meeting on November 19, 2019, Council approved the revised conceptual plan for the proposed refurbishment and upgrades to the Cenotaph in Memorial Park.

Draft designs of the proposed scope of work were presented to Council at a Committee of the Whole meeting in September, where Council directed Staff to post the designs for community consultation. After the public feedback was considered by Staff, and in consultation with the Parks, Recreation, and Culture Advisory Committee and representatives from the Port Hope Legion Branch 30, adjustments were made to the design and Cenotaph layout. To present the approved plans to the community, an open house is planned for Monday, December 9, 2019, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the Jack Burger Sports Complex. All are welcome to attend.

Traffic and Parking By-law Amendments
Council amended the Traffic and Parking By-law to include the following modifications:

• The existing two-way stop at Alexander, Smith and Harris Streets has been changed to a four-Way stop.
• Parking in the Town Hall parking lot has been restricted to Farmers Market Vendors only from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., beginning the first Saturday in May until the last Saturday in October.
• Parking is now restricted on the west side of Brown Street from the driveway at #72, northerly to the driveway at #76.

Council and Committee of the Whole Meeting Schedule for 2020
Council approved the 2020 Council and Committee of the Whole meeting schedule. Council and Committee meetings will continue to take place on the first and third Tuesday of each month, with the exception of meetings held in July and August, where only one meeting is scheduled on the first Tuesday of each month.

Minutes from this meeting will be available pending approval at the next Council meeting on Tuesday, December 17, 2019, at which point they will become the official record of the meeting.

Recordings of the December 3, 2019 Budget Committee meeting, Regular Council meeting and Committee of the Whole meeting are available at

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