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For Immediate Release

Tuesday, June 27, 2017 - Port Hope, ON

The Municipality of Port Hope has advised that the Ruth Clarke Activity Centre for Seniors (RCAC) is closed due to water damage from the recent heavy rainfall in the region, but that plans are in place to move regularly scheduled programs to other facilities to ensure minimal disruption as remediation is ongoing.

“We have determined that water was entering the building because the facility’s sump pump is tied into the street’s storm water system and that system was at capacity on Friday,” noted Jim McCormack, Director of Parks, Recreation & Culture at the Municipality. “We are assessing the damage as we work through the remediation of the affected areas at the Centre. Department staff will continue to update the public throughout the process.”

Municipal staff noticed the water spilling in from behind the walls on Friday morning and moved quickly to begin transferring equipment and technology off of the floors and away from the flooded areas. A professional restoration company has been assigned to assist with the clean-up and complete the repairs, as required.

“The programming at the RCAC is very important to many of our residents and so we are making every effort to ensure that many programs are going ahead, as scheduled, in different locations,” explained Julia Snoek, Community Development Program Manager with the Municipality. “With the summer camp programs launching next week, we will have all hands on deck to continue to run as many of the seniors’ activities as we can, given the limited spaces available.”

While clean-up continues, the RCAC Seniors Coordinator, Emily McCormack, has been temporarily relocated to the Jack Burger Sports Complex. She can be reached at  905-885-2474 x3222 or

For full details, an amended schedule of activities has been created and posted at the Ruth Clarke Activity Centre for Seniors webpage.

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For more information, please contact:

Kate Ingram
Communications / Community Engagement Coordinator
905-885-4544 x2248

Julia Snoek
Community Development Program Manager
905-885-2474 x 3222