print-logo November 18, 2016

PORT HOPE, ON – The Municipality of Port Hope is pleased to announce that Port Hope Fire & Emergency Services Department  is celebrating its newest addition to their fleet with a 'Push Back'.
The  Port Hope Fire & Emergency Services Department officially placed into service Port Hope's newest fire truck during a traditional ceremony historically known as a ‘push back' on Friday, November 18th at Station 3 in Garden Hill.
The origin of pushing a fire truck into the station dates back to the time of horse drawn equipment. Firefighters had to push the fire pumpers into the fire station because horses were incapable of backing the equipment. 
"The Municipality's new fire truck is a Spartan Metro Star that will serve as a Rescue Pumper in the Rural Area", said Fire Chief C. Ryan Edgar.  Rescue Pumpers have evolved into an essential tool in today’s fire service. As fire departments continue to see an increase in their response area and service responsibilities, it’s the perfect multifunctional apparatus that allows departments to kill two birds with one stone. You’re able to fulfill all the water-carrying duties of a Pumper, while also having the storage capabilities and versatility of a Rescue.
“The Port Hope Fire & Emergency Services Department thanks the Mayor, Council, and staff for their continued support of our fire service,” Edgar said.  “Pumper 173 was a large investment and I know that the municipality has many needs, so we are grateful for your support of this much needed equipment. The Fire Department plans to use this vehicle to serve our community for the next 20 years.”
The ‘Push Back’ Ceremony saw members of Council and firefighters work together to formally introduce the new apparatus to the Rural Area fire station.  For more information, contact the Port Hope Fire & Emergency Services Department at (905) 753-2230 or visit their website at www.porthopefire.ca 
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For more information contact:
C. Ryan Edgar, CMM III,  M-IAFI
Director of Fire & Emergency Services / Fire Chief / CEMC
Port Hope Fire & Emergency Services Department
Municipality of Port Hope