print-logo March 21, 2018

The Wastewater Division will be commencing an extensive project for ‘Cleaning and Camera Inspection of Municipality of Port Hope Underground Infrastructure’, beginning March 21 until October 1, 2018.

A projected timeline of the work is as follows:

• The work will commence on Telephone Road and proceed south.
• The area of Rose Glen Road and all streets east of Rose Glen Road are expected to be completed by April 6.
• The area of Mill Street (south of Peter Street, east to the end of Lake Street) will be completed between March 30 and April 13.
• The area between Rose Glen Road and the Ganaraska River (from Croft Street, southward) will be completed between April 13 and September 10.

*These timelines are subject to change. 

There are no planned road closures for this work. Traffic should not be impacted, however drivers are encouraged to slow down in the identified areas while the work is being conducted.  

A reminder to property owners to ensure that private property venting is free of obstructions, that plumbing ‘P-traps’ have water in them and that toilet seats are left down. This type of work may cause temporary odour nuisance, bubbling in toilets, and there is the potential for sewage back-ups. If residents experience any issues or have experienced problems at their property as a result of similar work in the past, they are encouraged to the Development Team Office (5 Mill Street) at 905-885-2431.