At their final meeting of the year, Municipality of Port Hope Council approved the 2021 Operating and Capital budgets.

“When the budget process began this fall, Council and staff were keenly aware of the fiscal challenges that the global pandemic has had on many members of our community,” explains Bob Sanderson, Mayor of the Municipality of Port Hope. “During the budget meetings, Council maintained a fiscally responsible approach, in an effort to keep the levy increase as low as possible, while advancing our strategic priorities and enhancing the level of service expected by our residents.”

The 2021 budget provides the delivery of the following service and project highlights:

  • $2.8M in Strategic Plan advancements, including a new playground at Wladyka Park, $1.3M towards the development of a new Seniors Centre (pending approval of federal funding), trail paving, affordable housing considerations, including as part of Zoning By-law and Official Plan Reviews, and a municipal service delivery review, among other Strategic Plan initiatives.

  • $1.2M in additional community interest items, including rural road resurfacing, the design of the Rose Glen Road reconstruction project, support for municipal communications, pedestrian crosswalks implementation, and increased tree planting throughout the community, among other community interest items.

  • $105,500 in new funding for additional council initiatives, which can be applied at the discretion of Council to further advance strategic initiatives throughout 2021.

“This budget closely aligns with the wants and needs of the community,” continues Mayor Sanderson. “$4.2M of the overall budget is dedicated to projects, initiatives, and services that the community has requested, both through our strategic planning process in 2019, as well as throughout the proposed 2021 budget consultation process. It ensures that our priority projects are moving forward to benefit the community as a whole.”

The approved budget includes an estimated 1.6 percent increase to the blended tax bills (municipal, school board, and Northumberland County taxes). This represents a $66 annual municipal tax increase for a typical existing residential property in the Urban Area and an $86 annual municipal tax increase for a typical existing Rural Area residential property. It also incorporates the 10-year tax allocation phase-in adjustment.

The Finance Committee deliberated for two days, on December 7 and 8, 2020, in a publicly advertised meeting, which was conducted over Zoom video conference and live streamed on YouTube. A community consultation process was also undertaken as part of the budgeting process and comments from the public were considered by Council and staff prior to final approval of the 2021 Budget.

The 2021 Operating and Capital budgets, which includes the Library and Police budgets, and the budget development documents are available on the Budget and Finances webpage