Residents are advised that, per Council direction, the sale and use of fireworks is not permitted for the 2020 Canada Day holiday. This means that the Municipality will not be hosting its annual Canada Day fireworks display, and that residents may not discharge their own fireworks on July 1.

The ban on the fireworks display supports the Provincial Emergency Order to limit events and social gatherings to no more than ten people. The ban will also address resourcing for Fire and Emergency Services during the global pandemic as it will minimize the need to carry out non-essential responses due to complaints/accidents associated with the discharge of consumer fireworks.

Residents who are looking for an alternative activity on the holiday may wish to participate in the Snapd augmented reality fireworks experience. For details, visit 

Additionally, a reminder that open-air burning is prohibited in the Urban Area, which includes wood burning chimneys, screened fire bowls or containers, fire pits and barrels. Urban residents are permitted to use natural gas or propane outdoor appliances, provided they are listed for use in Canada and are installed following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Burn permits are required, with specific conditions, in the Rural Area of the Municipality, for any controlled burning, per By-law 15/2006. Burn permits can be issued for property owners in the Rural Area by contacting the Fire Administration Office at 905-753-2230.

Persons in contravention of By-law 15/2006 will be subject to full cost recovery measures, including the cost of fire department vehicles, equipment and staff. The minimum penalty for unauthorized or uncontrolled open-air burning is $485 for each attending apparatus, plus manpower, as per the Prescribed Fees for Service By-law 81/2019, Schedule K.