Residents are advised that the Municipality has commenced its Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) search, an initiative that was identified and approved in the 2020 Budget.

A CAO Selection Committee comprised of Mayor Sanderson, Deputy Mayor Andrews, Councillor Carr, and the Human Resources Manager was struck and a ‘Request for Quote’ was issued to seek an executive search firm to lead the recruitment and selection process. The Selection Committee subsequently chose Waterhouse Executive Search. The Recruiter has drafted the position posting and is using active search strategies as well as advertising on municipal association websites and the Municipality’s website to conduct the search.

The job will be advertised for three weeks and thereafter the Selection Committee will begin the review of the long list of candidates selected by the Recruiter, with interviews planned to occur by the end of June.

Additional updates about the CAO search will be posted, as the information becomes available.

Questions about this process can be directed to Human Resources.